Al-Anon Service Positions

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Step 12 encourages us to carry the message to others. Being of service to our meetings and to Al-Anon as a whole helps to carry the message. Many of us have found that service work enhances and supports our own recovery. We encourage all members to “pay it forward” with service within your group, within the local district, and outwards. Here are descriptions of service positions that may be available for you.

More information on Al-Anon structure may be found in the Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual P24/27, which is freely available for download at the World Service Office (WSO) Members’ Site using the password “mafg”.

Group Officer Descriptions and Responsibilities

Group Representative (GR)

The group may also elect an Alternate Group Representative to perform the GR duties when the GR is unavailable. Al‑Anon and Alateen members who are also members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may not serve as GR or Alternate GR.

  • Acts as liaison between the group and the district and between
    the group and the Assembly
  • Attends district meetings
  • Attends the two annual state-level Area Assembly meetings
  • Becomes familiar with the current copy of the Al‑Anon/
    Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27), and encourages its use
    among group members
  • Works through the district in helping to initiate public outreach
  • Encourages Alateen sponsorship in accordance with Area
    Alateen Safety and Behavioral Requirements
  • Serves as local representative of the Al‑Anon/Alateen magazine,
    The Forum, by:

    • Acquainting members with its usefulness
    • Suggesting personal subscriptions
    • Submitting group subscriptions to the WSO
    • Encouraging members to write articles
  • Is elected for a three-year term
  • Encourages election of an Alternate GR

Current Mailing Address (CMA)

Each group needs to have someone who is willing to receive communications from WSO, and take it to the group. The CMA should be someone who anticipates keeping the same address for at least a year, and who attends the group’s meeting regularly. The CMA may be, but does not have to be, the Group Representative (GR) or another group officer. Some groups rent a post office box, and members rotate the responsibility to deliver the mail to the group. To protect our Alateens, only Al‑Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS), certified through the Area 27 process, may be listed as an Alateen group CMA.

Phone Contacts

WSO group registration asks for one or two phone contacts. These members agree to receive calls from newcomers
seeking Al‑Anon’s help, or from traveling members seeking information about the group’s meeting, directions, etc. The paid staff who answer the WSO toll-free meeting line will give the location and time of the group’s meeting and the contact’s first name and phone number if the caller wants more information. In keeping with Tradition Eight, WSO paid staff do not do Twelfth Step work. To protect our Alateens, only Al‑Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS), certified through the Area 27 process, may be listed as the Alateen group phone contacts.

(Adapted from Inside Al-Anon Family Groups 2014)

Other Possible Positions

Each group may determine to have other service positions available, such as:

  • Literature – places orders and picks up CAL from LDC
  • Treasurer – keeps track of donations, pays rent, and reimburses literature purchases
  • Secretary – takes minutes at group conscience

District 5 Officer Descriptions and Responsibilities

District Representative

The District Representative (DR) is elected by the GRs for a term of 3 years. The DR must be a current or former GR. The DR chairs District Meetings, is a member of the Area World Service Committee (AWSC), and serves as a resource of information for the groups. The DR does not vote at Area Assemblies unless also a GR. The DR’s expenses to attend AWSC meetings can be reimbursed by the district. When the DR is also a GR, the Assembly expenses are normally paid by the group he represents. Al‑Anon and Alateen members who are also members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may not serve as DR. Duties of the DR are:

  • Call and chair district meetings, at regular intervals
  • Help the Area Delegate in every way possible in disseminating WSO and Conference information and reports
  • Keep in touch with the GR’s of his/her district to learn the views of the groups and their problems, which, in turn, he/she may report to the AWSC or the Area Delegate
  • Visit all the groups in the district, particularly new groups, to make sure they are getting necessary information and help
  • Help the groups understand and apply the Traditions, which guide us in our fellowship activities
  • Attend AWSC meetings as a representative of the District, which includes voting on their behalf
  • Report local activities to the AWSC
  • Submit reports to the District on AWSC meetings

Alternate District Representative

An Alternate DR is elected to back up the DR. If the DR is unable to attend District and/or Area meetings, the Alternate DR is asked to attend in his/her place. If the DR resigns, proves to be inactive in his/her district, or for any reason is unable to serve, the Alternate DR completes the term. It is advisable to both the DR and Alternate DR to attend all meetings and work together. Al‑Anon and Alateen members who are also members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may not serve as Alternate DR.


    • Sends out all notices of District committee meetings
    • Attends to all regular secretarial work
    • Takes minutes for all District business meetings


    • Handles all the group donations
    • Prepares an income & expense report for District meetings
    • Pays the District expenses
    • Sends donations to AWSC and WSO as determined by votes at district meetings

    District 5 Coordinator Descriptions and Responsibilities

    Web Administrator

    Manages all aspects of the District’s presence on the internet.

    • Leads development committee efforts for new features of district website
    • Maintains Google calendar version of meetings list and upcoming events
    • Posts announcements of new events and meeting changes to website
    • Manages group and service position email addresses, which primarily involves setup and transfer of accounts
    • Assists in public outreach efforts involving the internet

    Al-Anon Information Service

    Al‑Anon Information Services (AIS) call themselves Information Services, Service Centers, Information Centers, or Intergroups. The WSO provides guidelines for AIS, which are reprinted with permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA.

    • Produces and disseminates a printable announcements sheet for distribution at meetings
    • Manages an email list to which members may subscribe for receiving announcements
    • Responds to inquiries about all things Al-Anon related via phone, email, and mail
    • Aids in management of the website when requested

    Literature Distribution Center

    The name “Literature Distribution Center” (LDC) is used for services that provide Al‑Anon/Alateen members with access to Al‑Anon/Alateen materials. The LDC Coordinator orders literature from WSO and distributes it to groups and individuals.

    Hotline Phone Coordinator

    • Organizes volunteers to answer our rotating cell phone
    • Trains volunteers, who must have at least 1 year of membership in Al-Anon
    • Makes arrangements to pass the phone between volunteers
    • Keeps the reference book that volunteers rely upon updated with current information of the meetings

    Group Records Coordinator

    • Maintains a list of all active Al-Anon meetings in the District
    • Keeps list updated with contact info for all the Group Reps in the District
    • Provides a printable list without confidential information for dissemination by the AIS Coordinator
    • Provides a printable list for inclusion in the reference book used by the Hotline Phone Coordinator
    • Notifies AWSC of any group changes

    Public Outreach Coordinator

    Carries the message of hope through local media and activities within the District to inform the public about Al-Anon/Alateen resources, which may include:

    • Reaches out to professionals throughout their communities
    • Provides speakers and literature for community events
    • Participates and exhibits at health fairs
    • Places ads in public areas
    • Talks with local radio and TV stations to request that they play public service announcements

    District Alateen Coordinator

    Liaison between the District and the AWSC and the State Alateen Coordinator.