Strength and Hope for Friends and Families of Problem Drinkers


Al-Anon Family Groups is a world-wide fellowship for friends and families of problem drinkers. District 5 is the local community in Washtenaw County, Michigan. We serve Washtenaw County and part of Wayne County, which includes Ann Arbor, Belleville, Chelsea, Saline, and Ypsilanti.


Al-Anon Family Groups consists of Alateen and Al‑Anon.

  • Al-Anon is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems. We believe alcoholism is a family illness and that changed attitudes can aid recovery. It is not group therapy and is not led by a counselor or therapist. This support network complements and supports professional treatment.
  • Alateen is a fellowship of young Al-Anon members, usually teenagers, whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Alateen groups are sponsored by Al-Anon members who help the group to stay on track. Many Alateen groups meet at the same time and location as an Al-Anon group. Alateen meetings are open only to teenagers.

Al-Anon is not Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). If you have a desire to stop drinking, then you are welcome in Alcoholics Anonymous. However, Al-Anon welcomes individuals who are affected by another person’s drinking, and who may also be alcoholics.

Is Al-Anon For You?

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If you feel that you have been affected by someone else’s drinking, you are welcome to any of our meetings. Most Al-Anon meetings are closed to those not affected by the drinking of another; however, if you are curious or wish to observe as a student or professional, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings designated as ‘open’.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

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