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Al-Anon Adult Children:

for adults affected by the problem drinking of their parent, step-parent, guardian or childhood caretaker.  


Al-Anon for Adult Children of Alcoholics

Pamphlet: Did You Grow Up With A Problem Drinker?

Al-Anon Adult Children Meetings

Al-Anon Adult Children Literature

Al-Anon Adult Children Stories


How Can Al-Anon Help Adult Children of Alcoholics?

Alcoholism is a family disease, and Al-Anon is for anyone whose life has been affected by someone else’s drinking. Those who have lived with this disease as children often have common problems and feelings which the Al-Anon program can help them with.  Many who were affected by alcoholism as children find they also have other past or present relationships that have been affected by problem drinking as well. People who lived with alcoholism as children, as well as adults who are currently affected by the problem drinking of their parent, step-parent, or childhood guardian or caretaker, can find help in the Al-Anon program, and are welcome in any Al-Anon meeting.


Al-Anon is a program of recovery for anyone affected by another person’s drinking.  The Al-Anon program provides support through meetings, fellowship, literature, and suggested actions that can be utilized by anyone affected in any way by another person’s alcoholism. Al-Anon Adult Children meetings, tables and literature are  specifically focused on the concerns of  people affected by the problem drinking of a parent, guardian or childhood caretaker,  regardless of when the problem drinking began or whether the person is currently drinking or not.


The Al-Anon publication, “Did You Grow Up With A Problem Drinker?” (S-25) may help you decide if Al-Anon might be of help to you.   “Did You Grow Up With A Problem Drinker? (S-25)

Reprinted with permission of ©Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA.


(Please note: teenagers who are affected by the problem drinking of their parent, step-parent or guardian are welcome in Alateen, an Al-Anon program for young people/teenagers.)


Al-Anon Adult Children Meetings

Al-Anon Adult Children is part of the Al-Anon Family Groups program, and Al-Anon Adult Children meetings are one of several types of Al-Anon meetings. Al‑Anon Adult Children meetings and tables provide a safe, supportive, understanding place for adults affected by the problem drinking of their parent, step-parent, guardian or childhood caretaker.  If you feel this may apply to you, you will be welcome at Al-Anon Adult Children meetings as well as at regular Al-Anon meetings. 


Some meetings are specifically focused on Al-Anon Adult Children issues; some meetings have tables designated for discussion related to Al-Anon Adult Children concerns.  Local Al-Anon Adult Children meetings and meetings with Al-Anon Adult Children tables are included on our meetings page.


There are also meetings available on line for Al-Anon Adult Children. 


Al-Anon Adult Children Literature

Al-Anon literature is inclusive of Al-Anon Adult Children, and many Al-Anon publications address the concerns of Al-Anon Adult Children as well as others who are affected by alcoholism.  There are also Al-Anon publications written specifically for Al-Anon Adult Children.  (Please see our literature page for suggestions on how to find Al-Anon literature.) Al-Anon publications for Al-Anon Adult Children include:


From Survival to Recovery: Growing Up in an Alcoholic Home. (Book.) Item number B-21. Al-Anon adult children stories. 


Hope for Today. (Book.) Item number B-27. Al-Anon daily reader, based on sharings of Al-Anon’s adult children members.

Large print edition available: item number B-28.


Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children. (Pamphlet.) Item number P-47.


Al-Anon Is for Adult Children of Alcoholics. (Pamphlet.) Item number S-69.


Al-Anon Adult Children Stories

In Al-Anon, members share their experience, strength and hope, to help each other recover from the effects of another person’s alcoholism. Sharing our stories helps others as well as ourselves. Here are some stories written by Al-Anon Adult Children:

Story from a District 5 Al-Anon member:

w  I’m a grateful member

w Barb’s Story”.


Stories from the Forum magazine that are written by Al-Anon adult children of alcoholics:

w Compassion led me to acceptance, then love.

w The ‘good luck’ penny: trying it Mum’s way.

w I have hope and dreams—again.

w Opening my heart to my Higher Power’s love.

w I learned to ‘feel’ again.

w Step 7: How I forgave my father.

w I can see the real me now.

w I learned about myself in How Al-Anon Works.

w How I see myself reflects how I see my Higher Power.

w My serenity…and my sister’s relapse.

w I love you’ were the hardest words-making amends to my Dad.

w I looked for love in the wrong places.

w A man, not a hero-accepting my father for who he is.

w Forgiving my parents helped me reclaim my life.

w Twenty years later, I’m ready to change….

w Taking care of myself comes first.

w Healing the wounded little boy within.

w Grateful for moldy bread.

w Bridging the emotional gap.

w Suicidal- because my attempts to control failed.

w I’m finding peace of mind after changing a mindset that kept me in crisis.

w The family dynamic seemed to demand a designated drinker.

w Getting past the fear, going to my first Al-Anon meeting.

w A man makes peace with alcoholic mother and grandmother.

w A physician’s journey into healing

w Recovery repairs relationship between father and son.

w A son moves past the anger of his childhood.



w Forgiving my parents: an Al-Anon miracle.

w Cancelled wedding was a lesson in acceptance.

w Conquering the spiritual disease of fear.

w Until Al-Anon, I knew only chaos and mistrust.

w Al-Anon – after everything else failed.

w How I let go of my pattern of unhealthy relationships

w Honesty begins with staying true to myself

w Overcoming my inner emptiness

w I came to understand and accept my feelings

w The first three Steps: key to feeling better

w Unraveling the effects of my father's alcoholism.

w Learning to change my emotions changed my life

w Understanding alcoholism after suffering years of emotional abuse and overeating.

w Facing fear, learning acceptance.

w I tried Al-Anon as a last resort.

w Finding my way, learning life skills as an adult.

w My path: from self-mutilation to self-respect.

w At mid-life I found self-knowledge – and recovery. 

w Daddy's little girl again: making peace with my father.

w Young adult didn’t think she could relate to older members.

w College student copes with parents’ divorce.

w Why I Lied All The Time.

w From abusive relationships to personal serenity.



Stories from the Forum are reprinted here with permission of ©Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA.


Our Member’s Stories page has stories from local members as well as stories reprinted from the Forum; we do not identify the backgrounds of contributors but some are written by adult children of alcoholics.  The best way to hear members’ stories is at an Al-Anon meeting! Member’s stories are also included in many items of Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature, and in the Forum, Al-Anon’s monthly magazine.


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