2017-11-11 AWSC Report

Maggie and I went up and there were many District Reps and Coordinators there.

In August a new ”panel” was voted in. A “panel” is the executive board consisting of MI Delegate, Alt. Delegate, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. The old one was Panel 55 and the new is Panel 58. They go in 3 year increments and the new one takes office Jan. 2018.

Along with this Board there are many Coordinator positions to fill as these get replaced also. The Coordinator positions are Alateen Coord. And Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP), records coord, archives coord, public outreach coord, website coord, Lit/ Forum coord, newsletter editor and tech coord. If you are interested in any of these positions let me know and I will pass this on to Ann M. MI Del. You do not need to be a GR past or present.

Remember MIAFG has grown from members participation.

The WSO is gearing up for the 2018 International Convention July 6-8 in Baltimore MD! Registration can be done online through the WSO website. First you register for the Convention, then they will give you room options.

Mileage at state level is $0.60 per mile.

We voted to continue the Redistricting Task force through Spring 2018 Assembly.

Michigan has 42 Districts and only 19 DR’s. Please consider being our District 5’s DR!

A 2018 Service Manual will be available in May 2018.

There is a new GR-1 form coming out soon.

Expenses are up at WSO so any donations you can make, individual or from your group, are Appreciated.

Our 2018 Michigan State Convention is 2018-05-04 thru 2018-05-06 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire MI. I have flyers if you need one.

The Treasurer was out sick so we had no reports from her.

You can see other info on the MIAFG website.

Yours in Service,
Cheryl B. , District Rep.