2017-10-14 Area 27 Fall Assembly Report

81 voting Group Reps were there.

The most important thing we voted on was for MI Delegate, Alt. Del. , Sec. and Treasurer and Chairman. Ann M. is the new Delegate, Kristine G. is the Alt. Del, Floann Y. is Secretary, Maggie S. is the Treasurer and Mike D. is the Chairman. Maggie is from our Dist. 5 and was the Serenity Sentinel Editor for the state. We should thank them all for their service.

We passed motions to approve the 2018 Budget and the WSC ( World Service Conference) Equalized Expense Payment which help other states to go to meetings at the WSO.

A question was brought up as to if someone could run for a state office like Del. in absentia? A heated discussion went on with both sides being brought up. The outcome was to not allow it that day but we could think about it for the future.

We passed a love basket and collected $269.95.

With the elections we will be starting a new “Panel”. A Panel consists of the elected officers. And the Coordinators will be replaced. The Coordinator positions are Alateen Coord. And Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP), records coord, archives coord, public outreach coord, website coord, Lit/ Forum coord, newsletter editor and tech coord. If you are interested in any of these positions let me know and I will pass this on to Ann M. MI Del. You do not need to be a GR past or present.

The Al-Anon International Convention is coming up July 6-8 in Baltimore MD and you can register for it now! I did! The early bird gets the cheaper price: before Dec. 21, 2017 it’s $130, then it goes up to $165 and last minute is $195. Lodging is extra.You can get all the info at the WSO website and they will offer hotel info also. If you try to find a hotel on your own you can’t do it.
I have gone to 2 other International Con. and they were wonderful! Maybe we could carpool there.

Our Mi State AFG Conventions are great also! 2018’s is May 4-6 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire MI. This is a great time to meet others in the program and hear great speakers!

We have 7 new groups in our state including 4 Alateen groups!

At our District 5 level please consider being our District Rep or Alt. District Rep. I have loved all 6 years I have done this but now I must step down. Let’s keep the momentum going in our district.
Cheryl B. , Dist.5 Rep.