2020-11-21 District Meeting


Marcia (LDC)
Spencer T. (Hope Strength and Courage AFG, Sunday 7:30 PM)
Richard H. (Serenity Seekers, Saturday 7:30 PM)
Erika O. (Steps to Serenity GR)
Maggie: districtrep@afgdistrict5.org 
Kelly S. (phone coordinator)
Jan A. (Treasurer): treasurer@afgdistrict5.org
Bev S
Annie J.
Alvin R.

Several members had a problem getting on Zoom because inconsistent links had been distributed prior to the meeting.

There was a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. Then the 12 Concepts of Service were read. Introductions were made.

Summary of area AWSC meeting by Maggie. Maggie reported that it was an emotional WSO meeting because Mike D had passed a week prior. She included the information for memorial donations in the email she sent out. He and his wife did a lot of service in the state. They are going to dedicate the next newsletter (Serenity Sentinel) to Mike D. If you have memories of Mike D to share, you can send them to the newsletter editor.

As for the Area treasurer’s report, Maggie reported the Area is doing ok financially. There were over $14,000 donations this year.

The convention feasibility task force had looked into doing a 1-day convention rather than 2- or 3-day ones. Due to COVID-19 the task force didn’t finish that work and will be continuing it.

The state convention for 2021 is being planned. The organizing committee is looking at either in person at Traverse City or online. They are meeting monthly and working on speakers and planning activities. Dates for that are April 30 and May 1, 2. The following year it will be in Bay City with very similar dates.

Area World Service committee dates are March 13, Aug 14, and Nov 13 of 2021. This is for DR, Coordinators, Officers. The assembly will be June 12 and Oct 9 of 2021.

Communications within the district. There was a discussion of the website and group records. This resulted in two people stepping forward for positions to be described below under elections.

Treasurer’s report. Jan reported that we have seen a lot of new contributions in the last 3 months. She said money is coming from different sources than usual. We have $1507.61 in our checking account. With a prudent reserve of $500 we have an available balance of $1007.61. There was a decision to give $200 each to the Area and WSO. It passed unanimously. There was a discussion of the phone costs and when we paid the PO Box most recently.

Phone coordinator’s report. Kelly S reported that the phone has been stationary with one person. She checks in with him. He has the binder and the phone.

LDC report. Marcia, LDC gave report. Sales are slow. She is selling to other districts. For 2020 it was $700.35 and it was $8937.48 in 2019. She is willing to sell to groups and individuals. Current balance was $551.71. Her biggest annoyance is that she keeps getting blocked out of website. The email is a real drag and keeps her from doing her job. She said that if that continues, she would like a separate email that isn’t blocked by the district website. She suggested getting a gmail one for literature. She said she hopes this will be resolved with Erika being web administrator. She needs updated information for meetings and GRs. She will wait for now to hear from Erika and web hosting company guy (Jeremy).

Alateen. There was no Alateen report.

Public outreach report. Bev gave a brief report that there is not much activity dues to COVID-19.

New business

Elections. Distric5 5 elections were held.

  • District Representative (DR). Maggie noted that she is not able to do this. Volunteers were solicited but nobody volunteered.
  • Secretary. Richard is willing to be unofficial secretary, but we are looking for a formal secretary.
  • AIS. (Al-Anon information service) Kelly is willing to do this.
  • Group records. Spencer was elected.
  • Open speaker meeting coordinator. This is an open position. It was not filled.
  • Web administrator. Erika O. took over the web administrator position.

Zoom Account. Serenity Seekers AFG proposed that the district get a zoom account for district groups to use. A separate suggestion was received by another member. There was an extensive discussion that included both practical technical issues and Al Anon traditions. Specifically, the tradition of meetings being autonomous (Tradition 4) creates significant technical challenges. Zoom settings apply to all meetings on that account. If a meeting wants different security settings, for example, if affects other groups unless someone resets them between meetings. This creates a lot of work for the administrator of the account. Nobody volunteered to organize such a shared zoom account. However, it was noted that there may be a need to provide support to groups to start and maintain zoom accounts. Documentation on how to use zoom, for example, could be useful. Limited technical support could also be provided. Alvin R. volunteered for this.

2020-08-15 District Meeting


  • Marcia (LDC)
  • Richard H (Serenity Seekers Group Rep),
  • Sheila
  • Maggie S (District Rep)
  • Spencer T (Hope, Strength & Courage Group Rep),
  • Annie J (Member at Large)
  • Mary F (Just For Today Group Rep)
  • Nancy B (Alternate District Rep; Thursday Saline Group Rep)
  • Vicki (TGIF Group Rep)
  • Jan (Treasurer)
  • Kelly S (District Phone Coordinator)
  • Darcy
  • Diane (Member at Large)

The meeting was held on zoom, and the first 30 minutes were spent dealing with technical issues.

Treasurer’s report. Jan, who is the treasurer, gave a report. She reported we have $611.53 in the checking account. Given a prudent reserve of $500, this gives us $111.53 for discretionary expenditures. We are coming up on when we usually make donations to state and WSO. We would usually give $250 to each, but we do not have the fund for that. We could give about $50 to each right now, given our balance. On July 13, we paid for PO Box ($92 for the year). She heard there will be other expenses, and she doesn’t know what they will be.

There was a discussion of asking groups to consider encouraging members to contribute to the district. One person suggested the following “takeaway” from the meeting that could be shared with groups:  “District 5 currently has a balance of  $111.53 in expendable funds.  We are about to incur expenses that will bring the balance close to zero.  Please consider making a direct donation to District 5 at https://afgdistrict5.org/contact#donate“”

District phone report. Larry has been doing the phone. Kelly says she is keeping notes of what meetings are happening so Larry can provide accurate information to callers. She asked for input on status of a few meetings:

  • Monday’s Chelsea hospital meeting. Nobody knows the status of that meeting.
  • Ypsilanti Monday 8 PM meeting. They are not meeting. Maggie said she thinks there is no zoom meeting.
  • Wednesday 7:30 PM at Dawn Farm. That is not meeting physically; farm is closed. There may be a virtual version of this meeting. One person offered to look into it.
  • Friday’s 12:30 PM Chelsea hospital “nooners” meeting. Nobody knows the status of that meeting.
  • There is a Friday 2 PM Zoom meeting that is on the Alano Club zoom meeting lists, but it is not listed on the District 5 website.  

There was a question about how many calls does the phone get. Kelly reported it to be about 2 calls per week that are specific to Al Anon.

Report on AWSC meeting. Nancy B (alternate district rep) gave a summary on Area World Service Committee (AWSC) meeting. There was a lot of time spent on tech and process. It went from 9:30 to 2 PM. There are 19 service positions available. Planning is going on for the AWSC convention in 2021. The Al-Anon WSO insurance task force has identified a State Farm policy on a directors and officers liability policy. A vote will be taken on that at the next meeting. Also, the Michigan AFG Convention 2022 will be in Bay City.

Alateen. Group representatives have been asked to ask Alateen leaders to be recertified. Only about 50% have been. Also, Comiac did happen prior to lockdown in March.

Alateen, public outreach, and web administrator reports were not given because nobody was present to report.

LDC report. Marcia is the new LDC for District 5. She has limited herself to literature, so she will not do the phone bill.  She had one literature sale last month. Diane did not have any sales in May and June. Marcia is happy to meet people for distributing literature. She will make individual sales in addition to group literature reps. $314 is the approximate balance. It was noted that the district gets 17% of sale and purchaser does not have to pay shipping, making it beneficial for both.

Report on updating list of meetings. Spencer reported that his goal was to bring the written list into concordance with the online list. He has not yet done it; he will do it.

New business. 

  • Phone bill. It is $30 per month. It had been paid by LDC. It will move to treasurer.
  • Domain name. It had been paid from LDC and will go to treasurer.
  • Vacant service positions. We still have a few. Richard H agreed to be secretary for the group. There was a discussion of the records position but there was no volunteer.

Electronic newcomer packet. There is a place on the website where you can put in your email and they will send newcomer information. IT is located at https://www.al-anon.org/welcome

Next meeting. The next district 5 meeting is scheduled for Saturday,  November 21. 10:15 to 12:15.

2017-07-07 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: Pending
Submitted by: Cheryl B
Attendance: 4 (Cheryl B, Kelly S, Annie J, Bryan T)
Location: King of Kings, 2685 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor

Opened at 5:15 PM.
Opened with Serenity Prayer.


Approve Minutes by Email

District meeting minutes will be approved when there is no objection expressed by attendees via email. The attendees must object within the later of: (1) two weeks after posting the minutes to the afgdistrict5.org website, or (2) two weeks after the most recent non-typographical change to the minutes.

The policy was adopted.

Add Hotline to GR-1 Forms

Recommend to groups that they list our hotline as second contact on GR-1 form, and add it when groups leave it blank on GR-1 forms.

Bryan T moved to adopt this policy and Annie J seconded. The policy was adopted.


Minutes from Past Meetings

We accepted June’s with May’s likely to be accepted.

Announcements Coordinator Resignation

We need someone to do the Announcements page as our past person resigned. Diane has volunteered to do it this month and Bryan is going to talk with her about anything further.


Next Meeting we want to explore what AIS is to this district.


District Treasurer – Jan A

Available balance $2312.67, which does not include $500 prudent reserve.

Hotline – Marilyn F

Marilyn was unable to attend but sent word that we had 18 calls in June and she has people all lined up to do it the rest of the year.

District Representative (DR) – Cheryl B

At Spring Assembly, there were changes in MIAFG Alateen policy. Cheryl B will get a copy to Robin from Wed. night Alateen. August 19 is our district meeting with elections. We will be voting for DR, Alternate DR, Treasurer, and Secretary. DR’s and Alt. DR’s must be or have been a GR, and only GR’s can vote. Fall Assembly is Oct. 14 with MIAFG elections then. Forum subscriptions were brought up. No new Al-Anon service manuals will be sent out any more. It is available for free at WSO members area or you can buy one.

Website – Bryan T

The next website meeting is Friday July 28, 6-8pm. The things were going well, but progress is slowing due to maintenance demands, i.e., posting new events and meeting minutes.

Open Speaker Series – Annie J

We took in $30 at the last talk, and the rest of the year schedule is set. Cheryl brought up Gratitude Day, and Annie thought we could maybe do it in November with the open talk then. She will check with the church. She brought fliers for the August 12th talk. Next open talk is 2017-08-12 2:00 PM.

District Meeting Donation

Passed the basket and gave $10 to King of Kings Church.


The next district meeting is Saturday 2017-08-19 10:45P at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration: “Let it begin with me. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen aways be there, and let it begin with me.”

Closed at 6:15 PM.

2017-05-05 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: 2017-07-17
Submitted by: Marilyn F
Attendance: 5 (Cheryl B, Diane B, Bryan T, Julie S, Marilyn F, Kelly S, Annie J, Jaclyn M)

Opened with Serenity Prayer


Status of 6 PM Friday meeting at the Alano Club

It has not had much success with attendance. Bryan volunteered to check it out.

Remove Tuesday night meeting at St. Clare’s

Members associated with the meeting have reported that it is no longer functioning. Diane said that she would remove it from the list and no longer publicize it. Bryan T had already removed it from the Google calendar.

Avalon House

Cheryl B volunteered to contact James Pendergrass who requested a meeting there. Kelly S suggested that perhaps people from Avalon could be transported to existing meetings.

Tuesday evening meeting in Chelsea

Marilyn volunteered to check with the Tuesday evening Al-Anon meeting in Chelsea to see if that group needs support. She also said that she would contact the GR of the Monday meeting in Chelsea re. the correct email address for the group.

Healthy Meeting Packets

It was determined that a friendly introductory page will be included. Julie S, the new Group Records Coordinator, volunteered to help draft that letter. No date has been set as to when the packets will go out to groups in the district.

District 5 Email List

Bryan T volunteered to manage the District 5 email list.


District Treasurer – Jan A

Available balance $1840.67, which does not include $500 prudent reserve.

Open Talks – Annie J

Annie J asked for funds to pay for printing Open Speaker flyers. It was decided that half of the money collected at the open talks should go toward rent for the room, and the other half should be used to print flyers for the next Open Speaker Meeting.

Unfilled positions

Al-Anon Information Service (AIS) and Public Outreach


The next district meeting is Friday 2017-06-02 05:15P at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration:

Let It Begin With Me.
When anyone, anywhere,
reaches out for help – let the hand of
Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and
Let It Begin With Me.

Closed at 6:15 PM.