2017-05-05 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: 2017-07-17
Submitted by: Marilyn F
Attendance: 5 (Cheryl B, Diane B, Bryan T, Julie S, Marilyn F, Kelly S, Annie J, Jaclyn M)

Opened with Serenity Prayer


Status of 6 PM Friday meeting at the Alano Club

It has not had much success with attendance. Bryan volunteered to check it out.

Remove Tuesday night meeting at St. Clare’s

Members associated with the meeting have reported that it is no longer functioning. Diane said that she would remove it from the list and no longer publicize it. Bryan T had already removed it from the Google calendar.

Avalon House

Cheryl B volunteered to contact James Pendergrass who requested a meeting there. Kelly S suggested that perhaps people from Avalon could be transported to existing meetings.

Tuesday evening meeting in Chelsea

Marilyn volunteered to check with the Tuesday evening Al-Anon meeting in Chelsea to see if that group needs support. She also said that she would contact the GR of the Monday meeting in Chelsea re. the correct email address for the group.

Healthy Meeting Packets

It was determined that a friendly introductory page will be included. Julie S, the new Group Records Coordinator, volunteered to help draft that letter. No date has been set as to when the packets will go out to groups in the district.

District 5 Email List

Bryan T volunteered to manage the District 5 email list.


District Treasurer – Jan A

Available balance $1840.67, which does not include $500 prudent reserve.

Open Talks – Annie J

Annie J asked for funds to pay for printing Open Speaker flyers. It was decided that half of the money collected at the open talks should go toward rent for the room, and the other half should be used to print flyers for the next Open Speaker Meeting.

Unfilled positions

Al-Anon Information Service (AIS) and Public Outreach


The next district meeting is Friday 2017-06-02 05:15P at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration:

Let It Begin With Me.
When anyone, anywhere,
reaches out for help – let the hand of
Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and
Let It Begin With Me.

Closed at 6:15 PM.