2017-06-02 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: 2017-06-21
Submitted by: Cheryl B
Attendance: 5 (Cheryl B, Marilyn F, Kelly S, Annie J, Joni S)

Opened with Serenity Prayer


Avalon House

Cheryl B said she tried 3 times to contact James Pendergrass and got no reply. She decided to let it go for now until we hear from him.

Parents Practicing Principles Meeting

We had voted via email to take the Friday night meeting at the Alano Club off the schedule because it has not been going for some time.

Host MIAFG State Convention in 2018

Cheryl B. asked if we wanted to host the MIAFG State convention in 2018. It was decided not to since it is up in Bellaire Mi and not many had been to other conventions.

MIAFG Spring Assembly

The MIAFG Spring Assembly is June 17, 2017 in St. Louis, MI. Cheryl B is organizing carpooling and has at least one car load going and others plan to attend.

Special Holiday Meetings

Someone suggested that we have special Al-Anon meetings at the Alano Club in Ann Arbor during Thanksgiving or Christmas when the club hosts 24 hours of AA meetings.


District Treasurer – Jan A

Available balance $1964.67, which does not include $500 prudent reserve.

Hotline – Marilyn F

The district hotline had 23 calls last month. Volunteers needed for August, October and November to take the phone. Joni stepped up to take August. After the meeting, all positions for 2017 were filled.

Open Talks – Annie J

Annie reminded everyone about the open talk on June 3 and was concerned about flyers getting printed and distributed for other talks. Many there didn’t see the issue as we can print and distribute flyers ourselves. Next open talk is 2017-07-01.

Website – Cheryl B

Cheryl B. attended the website meeting and reported that Bryan has things well in hand.

Announcements – Cheryl B

June Announcements are not out yet. Cheryl said she would check on this, and then Bryan
said he would follow up on that as he was already in touch with our chair for that.


The next district meeting is Friday 2017-07-07 05:15P at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration: “Let it begin with me. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen aways be there, and let it begin with me.”

Closed at 6:15 PM.