2017-08-12 AWSC Report

Held 2017/08/12 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at Church of Christ, 1075 W Monroe Rd, St Louis, MI 48880, USA.

I went to AWSC August 12, 2017 and there were 25+ voting members there.

There are 42 districts in Michigan and 16 have no District rep.

We were reminded that the state elections will take place at the Fall Assembly Oct. 14, 2017.
Whenever new officers are elected all the state coordinator spots change people also.
If you are interested in doing service work this is a great way to do it. There are positions for
website coordinator, public outreach, group records,archives, literature, serenity sentinel,
Tech person (sets up electronic things) and Alateen- AAPP and Coordinator. You do not need
to be a GR or DR.

There will be a survey sent out to GR’s and DR’s in September from WSO.

The Al-Anon service manual will no longer be sent out to groups. You can still purchase a hard
copy or get it free online.

There had been talk of having an Al-Anon day at state level but it was decided to do it next

Ross from Lit. said that a new grandparents book is moving through the approval steps. A new
intimacy book is planned to debut at the 2018 Convention in Baltimore MD. They are looking for
more shares on the later steps and traditions for a daily reader. Paths to recovery workbook
have so-so sales.

In Michigan Alateen we have 108 sponsors and 22 groups.

State meeting dates for next year are proposed to be March 10, Aug. 11, Nov. 10 for AWSC and
June 9 and Oct 13 for Assemblies.

This year is Alateren 60th birthday! Send a birthday card to WSO!

If you are a GR PLEASE plan to attend the Fall Assembly and make your vote heard!!