Memo to District 5

Hello fellow District 5 Al-Anon friends,

I hope this message finds District 5 members and families doing well, and that you’ve been able to ‘attend’ some zoom or online meetings during the ‘Michigan Stay Home, Stay Safe’ quarantine. Personally, I know of one Al-Anon member who passed away in April after contracting the coronavirus.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and our essential workers.
The Spring edition of our state newsletter, the Serenity Sentinel was delivered recently, and includes sharings on how Al-Anon has helped during this stressful time. All active registered groups receive it, or a personal subscription of $4 per year is available by sending name and address to the state treasurer at MI AFG, Inc PO Box 980174, Ypsilanti MI 48198-0174.
Also,  WSO ( and MI AFG ( websites have lots of useful information for your review, and both organizations ask for donations to continue to Carry the Message to Newcomers during this unprecedented time.  PayPal or physical checks can be mailed. See address on our website, or at WSO.
Last week I received the latest World Service Office Quarterly Appeal Letter( and it is attached to this email), which was mailed to all GR, CMA(Current Mailing Address) and members.  It was written prior to AA International Convention in Detroit being cancelled however, as was the World Service Conference in Virginia Beach, VA and the 48th Michigan State Convention in Bay City. Michigan AFG had a Day of Recovery zoom event on May 2nd with panelists on Step 1, 2, 3 and main speaker, Judy K., from Reno NV (see AMOTAudio link below)..  A working lunch break, included a brief state Delegate and several Coordinator reports, one of note from Sandy C, Group Records, that WSO would like the ‘what we thought would be temporary online meetings’ be registered now as indeed online, so as to allow Newcomers a chance to find and attend a meeting..

  • June 13th – This will be a combined Area World Service Conference meeting & Spring Assembly and will take place on Zoom.  This Michigan AFG business meeting is open to all Al-Anon members.  More details to come …

Make sure to check out the recordings of Al-Anon Without Borders speakers:  and those from the MIAFG Day of Recovery:  Free Zoom Recordings | AMOT Audio

In Gratitude for Al-Anon,Maggie S, Alt District 5 rep

Letter from Al‑Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 

Dear Al‑Anon and Alateen members,

On behalf of the Finance Committee, I am writing to inform you of the impact COVID‑19 is having at the World Service Office (WSO). Since the start of the COVID‑19 pandemic, donations and literature sales have decreased significantly at the WSO. I know many of you are experiencing similar situations at your home group, District, Al‑Anon Information Service (AIS), Literature Distribution Center (LDC), or Area.At the end of April, literature sales were down 75% and contributions were down 34% and we are projecting a $1,600,000 operating deficit at the end of 2020. Given reduced revenues, the Board has approved a transfer from the Reserve Fund to the General Fund of $250,000 to provide cash necessary for operations. Significant cost cutting measures have been implemented including elimination of Staff merit and cost of living increases for 2020; all Staff travel through the end of the year; and Board, Executive, and Finance Committee travel through the end of August. 
Additionally, after prayerful consideration of our projected cash position, Staff furlough and layoff actions were taken Friday, May 1. All Staff who were impacted are eligible for the expanded unemployment coverage due to COVID‑19. 

Despite these actions, the WSO is doing business as usual, processing literature orders through customer service and shipping products ordered, fielding calls for public outreach and electronic meeting information, and keeping our presence known on social media and other services. To continue, we need your help. Some thoughts I have been having about Seventh Tradition donations:

Do your groups, Districts, or Areas have money that was planned to cover Group Representative, District Representative, or Area officer travel which could now be donated because the District or Area meetings were held virtually?Is your group making announcements at your meetings to let members know they can go online and donate directly to WSO?How is your group handling the May Appeal Letter during this time of meetings happening virtually? Will it even be read?How can we keep the Seventh Tradition money flowing through the links of service from the groups to Districts to Areas to the WSO?

In the past, when members have been asked to help the WSO your response has been overwhelming. So once again we are coming to you. The pandemic has increased the incidence of alcoholism. The WSO would appreciate any contributions you and your group, District or Area can provide to help us continue to serve the families and friends still suffering in these uncertain times. We can process checks mailed to the WSO, 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, or you can use the link below to contribute online. Love in service,  Cathy T.  

Al‑Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.  

March Canceled Meetings Due to COVID-19

Until further notice Al-Anon meetings held at the following places are canceled due to building closures:

Washtenaw Alano Club,
Zion Lutheran Church
St. Luke-Ann Arbor
King of Kings
Dawn Farm
Belleville First United Methodist
United Methodist Retirement Communities

March Canceled Events & Business Meetings:
AWSC Meeting, March 14th, 2020
March Round-Up, March 13-15, 2020
District 5 Meeting will be rescheduled. Date TBD.

Our Michigan State Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) are strongly discouraging large gatherings in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The average age of an Al-Anon member is in their 60’s. Many members are at a high risk of contracting COVID-19 due to their age. Everyone has some measure of responsibility to help limit the spread of this disease. Even individuals who are healthy can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others. Keeping in mind the traditions of Al-Anon please consider other meeting formats such as phone calls, and online meetings.

Our common welfare should come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity, Tradition 1

Each group should be autonomous, except in matters affecting another group or Al-Anon or AA as a whole, Tradition 2,9753,7-406-98178_98155-521467–,00.html

August 10, 2019 – Area World Service Committee (AWSC) Meeting

WHO: District Representatives, Area Coordinators, Past Delegates, AIS/LDC Liaisons, and Elected Officers EVERY MEMBER IS WELCOME AND HAS A VOICE.

WHAT: Area World Service Committee (AWSC) Meeting. Determines the agenda for Assembly.

WHERE: Church of Christ
1075 West Monroe Rd. St. Louis, MI 48880
989-681-2524 * Park in back of church

M46 near US 127
From west: approx. 1 mi. east of US127
From east: 2nd church on south, west of town

WHEN: Saturday, August 10th, 2019 10:00 AM (9:40 AM new DR Orientation)

2018 Al-Anon Membership Survey from WSO

The survey findings help the WSO’s communication with professionals by providing data about Al-Anon that show improvements in our health and well-being. The WSO’s Al-Anon Membership Survey is Conference approved and has been conducted every three years since 1984. Members’ participation in the survey is anonymous and confidential. The survey is available online from January 10 – February 28. For more info check out the WSO site.