2017-05-05 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: 2017-07-17
Submitted by: Marilyn F
Attendance: 5 (Cheryl B, Diane B, Bryan T, Julie S, Marilyn F, Kelly S, Annie J, Jaclyn M)

Opened with Serenity Prayer


Status of 6 PM Friday meeting at the Alano Club

It has not had much success with attendance. Bryan volunteered to check it out.

Remove Tuesday night meeting at St. Clare’s

Members associated with the meeting have reported that it is no longer functioning. Diane said that she would remove it from the list and no longer publicize it. Bryan T had already removed it from the Google calendar.

Avalon House

Cheryl B volunteered to contact James Pendergrass who requested a meeting there. Kelly S suggested that perhaps people from Avalon could be transported to existing meetings.

Tuesday evening meeting in Chelsea

Marilyn volunteered to check with the Tuesday evening Al-Anon meeting in Chelsea to see if that group needs support. She also said that she would contact the GR of the Monday meeting in Chelsea re. the correct email address for the group.

Healthy Meeting Packets

It was determined that a friendly introductory page will be included. Julie S, the new Group Records Coordinator, volunteered to help draft that letter. No date has been set as to when the packets will go out to groups in the district.

District 5 Email List

Bryan T volunteered to manage the District 5 email list.


District Treasurer – Jan A

Available balance $1840.67, which does not include $500 prudent reserve.

Open Talks – Annie J

Annie J asked for funds to pay for printing Open Speaker flyers. It was decided that half of the money collected at the open talks should go toward rent for the room, and the other half should be used to print flyers for the next Open Speaker Meeting.

Unfilled positions

Al-Anon Information Service (AIS) and Public Outreach


The next district meeting is Friday 2017-06-02 05:15P at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration:

Let It Begin With Me.
When anyone, anywhere,
reaches out for help – let the hand of
Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and
Let It Begin With Me.

Closed at 6:15 PM.

2017-04-07 CANCELED District Mini Meeting

Diane B has volunteered to open the doors anyway from 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm at King of Kings, 2685 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor to discuss the duties of some of the positions that need to be filled. Some are more time-sensitive than others. (District Group Records / Monthly Announcements / someone who will keep the Email list of all GR’s and others who have expressed desire to be on the list to receive news in our district – notices such as this, Announcements, etc.) The Website Liaison will also be in attendance to discuss the website.

In the meantime – while waiting for the District Meeting that is scheduled for May 5, you can read the Minutes from this year’s January and March meetings to find out what has been happening in our district. You may find these on the District 5 Business page. There will be on-going changes so check the website frequently and also make suggestions for what you’d like to see on the site. This is OUR website and the Website Liaison is receptive to comments and suggestions.

CLOSED: This meeting of Al-Anon is closed to the public. Closed meetings are for anyone whose personal life is or has been deeply affected by close contact with a problem drinker. If you are interested in Al-Anon/Alateen or wish to observe as a student or professional, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings designated as ‘open’.

2017-03-18 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: Pending approval
Submitted by: Meishia K
Attendance: 11 (Carl S, Vicki D, Janice B, Diane B, Meishia K, Marilyn F, Jan A, SunShine A, Kelly S, Annie J, Bryan T)

Opened with Serenity Prayer
Approved minutes from 2016-11-26 district meeting, again.

Service Position Status

Carl wishes to be replaced as alternate rep. Currently handles Gratitude Day. Cheryl needs a replacement as well. Jan is interested in continuing. Diane B wants to continue to do literature. Diane B needs to step down from AIS position which consists of maintaining website (will now be handled by Bryan), Announcements, Phone Coordinator, Keeper of King of Kings key, and District Group Records.


Job Descriptions and terms should be discussed. When are elections? How can we increase participation in service work? Suggest partnering? Detail timespan? Suggest website. A list of positions is needed. They could be provided or spoken to at individual meetings. District Rep, Alt Rep, Outreach Coordinator, Alateen Rep. Cheryl and Carl will provide list.


Publish Calendar of Events – annually. Need to have events out and know earlier. Boiler plate/guidelines of events will be available on website. Carl will provide Gratitude Day details to Bryan T. How to docs will be brought to district meetings and proposed to the group for inclusion to the website.

Financial reporting- is every group reporting all donations? Could it be done via the website? The district does have a system in place where individual groups send to the district and the district reports up. Carl is concerned about having oversight on what districts send to the state. The group decided it would be too much oversight.

New group wants to form “Avalon”. Follow up needs to happen. Working with Diane B and Cheryl B.


District Treasurer – Jan A

Available balance $2099.38. Quarterly $250.00 to AFG and State. Finished out Intimacy “stuff”. Will be shown in next report. Report approved

Concerned about increased need for Statement of Works and documentation in this organization when we are having such a problem with getting people’s volunteer.

Intimacy Talk – Kelly S

Approximately 75 in attendance. Collected $115 in 7th tradition. $100 gift to Zion $111 to Kelly for replenishment. 4 panelists. 2 of the panelists were a couple and they almost didn’t make it due to illness. Future suggestion is to have back up. Talk went nicely. Kelly, Anna S, Linda. Andy spoke. Varying ages and durations in the program. Questions followed. Panelists didn’t want to be recorded. Last years recording is available at http://therecoveryshow.com/2016/03/intimacy-panel-feb-2016/. Speakers guidelines were provided to the panelists. Guidelines will be added to the “how to’s” for website.

Open Talks – Annie J

Annie has volunteered to organize future talks. First open talk will be tonight, speaker is Martha B. Location is new, First Presbyterian. She would like to have open talks monthly. Ideally next months would be planned and flyers would be available at the current talk. Do we? How much to donate to church for use of venue? Bryan T made a motion to donate 50% of net revenue, which was seconded.

Website – Bryan T

Website ready to roll out. Announcements and google calendar of events. Notifications is a possible functionality. What needs to be done: testing, content is good, 6 people on the committee, go-live. Preview at afgdistrict5.org/stage. Bryan T desires comments and feature requests. Old website will go away eventually. It will be noted that on the old site at some point. Announcements, group records positions could be report outs of the website. Email address are aligned to the new website.

AWSC Meeting -SunShine A

Working on revamping alateen and AMAIS certification. 4 hour meeting. Any particular groups holding special events to send to Jamie H at miafg_org@yahoo.com to spread word. Group rep email address came in handy! Working on description. Michigan MHWEB.org Dawn Farms also post community info on. How can we post al anon info. $30/6 months on website up to 30 words and $3 goes out to area clinics and treatment centers. Would fall into Public Outreach Coordinator role.

Donations for the district meeting were collected.


The next district meeting is Friday 2017-04-07 05:15P at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration: “Let it begin with me. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen aways be there, and let it begin with me.”

2017-01-06 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: Pending approval
Submitted by: Bryan T
Attendance: 8 (Marilyn F, Cheryl B, Kelly S, Bryan T, Nancy S, Barb, Diane B, Jan A)

Opened with Serenity Prayer
Approved agenda
Approved minutes from 2016-11-26 district meeting with the following change(s):
The last line under “Cheryl-district rep:” section was changed from

It was decided that the mini meetings will now be held at 5:15 on the first Friday of the month.


It was decided that the mini meetings will now be held at 5:15 on the first Friday of most months.



Treasurer – Jan

Available balance is $1944.85 which does not include $500 reserve. The annual report for 2016 is complete and available. Report was accepted as presented. Jan A proposed to place cash under the door of church instead of in check form. Bryan T inquired if this would interfere with accounting and IRS purposes. Jan responded that she could not foresee an issue. Marilyn noted that we would be writing down the amount in the minutes, so it would be recorded in case of audit. All agreed that cash could be placed under door instead of check. Suggested donation to the meeting facility is $1 per person. Total donation given $11.

Intimacy Open Talk – Kelly S

Title of the talk is Impact of Alcoholism and Addiction on Intimacy and Sexual Relationships, which is scheduled for Friday 2017-02-03 7:30P-9:00P at Zion Lutheran Church. Kelly S gave an overview of speakers. Jan A, Marilyn F, and Cheryl B volunteered to make and bring baked goods to sell at the event. The expenses for the event include table cloths, coffee, paper plates, cups, and $100 donation for rent to the church. Abby will introduce/moderate the speakers. Two of the speakers requested not to be recorded; therefore, none will be. The recording from last year will be provided to the speakers. Last year, attendance was approximately 125, which exceeded the capacity of the room. Please advertise the event, but don’t go overboard. Previous year had low literature sales. Diane B will bring a small assortment of literature and man a table to sell them and answer questions for non-Al-Anon folk. After the speakers are done, Abby will open the floor for Al-Anon members to share and direct people with questions about Al-Anon to see Diane B at the back. Direct volunteers to e-mail Kelly S. Diane B, Jan A, and Marilyn F volunteer to arrive for setup at 6:00P. Diane B and Jan A volunteer for breakdown. We must vacate the church by 10:00PM. Kelly S is doing the shopping for plates, napkins, and coffee supplies. Supplies from last year were adequate; therefore, identical quantities will be purchased.

AIS/LDC – Diane B

Discussion was held on whether to post meeting minutes before and/or after approval. There was disagreement among the discussion participants. Topic was tabled for next meeting in interest of time. The Thursday Serenity AFG group does not have a current mailing address(CMA). Marilyn offered to provide a relevant number to Diane B for tracking down the appropriate contact for the meeting. Diane B announced that we need a district group records coordinator.

Website Liaison – Bryan T

The current sandbox site is accessible at https://afgdistrict5.org/. Bryan T expects to migrate to the new site with a minimal feature set within approximately 2 months. The new site will link to the old site for those seeking something that has not yet been implemented in the new site. Please send to Bryan T a copy of any documents relevant to District 5 that you produce and can be posted to the website. If you have the original editable document, please provide that version in addition to a pdf file.

Phone Coordinator – Marilyn F

People are getting through on the phone. Marilyn F shared a heartwarming story of someone helped by the service. Marilyn F has a sign up sheet for 2017.

Open Talks – Annie

Annie absent. No one was aware of any talks scheduled for January or February other than the intimacy talk, which is described earlier in these minutes.

Group and Other Concerns

Bryan T suggested that we consider combining the group records position and website coordinator in the future because the website may become able to generate reports. Diane B mentioned privacy concerns for group representative(GR) contact information.


The next district meeting is Saturday 2017-03-18 10:45A at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration: “Let it begin with me. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen aways be there, and let it begin with me.”