2018-3-24 AWSC Report

AWSC Meeting March 24, 2018
St. Louis Michigan

Treasurer’s report, Maggie S.

See handout. There was a question about the prudent reserve being greater than $4000. Maggie S. is new and can’t yet answer. Furthermore, the Group Donations section may be confusing because she is still learning.

Please always include your group name, identifying information and ZIP Code on all donations sent!

Year end report of 2017 -being given by Maggie S. presenting for Jody who had to be out of town. See handout.

There was a slight shortfall in 2017; $513.
There is a prudent reserve of $11,585, which may be high.
Early 2018 donations have been high, which kind of makes up for the slight shortfall in 2017.
Michigan AFG is fairly healthy financially.

Please note the change of address for donations to Michigan AFG. The new address is Michigan AFG, Inc., PO box 90174, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198-0174.

Both treasurer’s reports were accepted.

An auditor is needed for last year’s books.
A person who is not a voting member of AWSC, “Vick,” volunteered to do the audit.
A group conscience was taken about this. It was decided that Vick can do the audit.

Michigan AFG donated to Alateen. There was a question: do we need to audit Alateen? A group conscience was held after a discussion of the issue. The decision was that we are not going to audit Alateen.

******Host committees are needed for Spring assembly and fall assembly. Please volunteer.********
Later Grand Rapids District 20 volunteered to host the fall assembly in October
After lunch someone volunteered to host the Spring Assembly – Detroit intergroup.

Member outreach
Ann M. is a new delegate
It was mentioned that there is no District Rep for District 5. It was recommended that everyone put it in their God Box that District 5 get a new District Rep.
Former District 5 Rep, Cheryl B., is now the Public Outreach Coordinator for Michigan AFG.

There is a World Service Conference April 16-20 in West Harrison, New York.

New Service Manuals are out. They will cost five dollars each. Condensed Service Manuals will be sent to groups rather than the entire service manual. This change is due to financial concerns.

WSO donations increased in 2017. These funds will be used to
Complete the new Al-Anon.org website
Hire staff instead of using consultants
Complete the new meeting search
Continue outreach.

2018 International Convention is in Baltimore Maryland, July 6-8. Registration costs $165 before May 31. After May 31 the cost will be $195.
A commemorative edition of the ODAT will be available at the convention for $15. Only a limited number of copies will be available.

“In the Loop” is now available on the Web.

The Spring assembly will be on June 23 (at this location) in St. Louis Michigan.

Michigan AFG alternate delegate Christine spoke.
She helped revise the blue policy handbook which was distributed at the meeting.
The website is now being taken care of in-house rather than being hired out.

New Business

Sherree M., cochair of the State Convention May 4 – 6, the 46th Michigan AFG Convention for Al-Anon and Alateen with AAA participation, spoke.

Someone is needed to host the 47th Michigan AFG convention in 2019. Many spoke about having hosted previous conventions and how it was good for them.

Panel 58 Thought and Task Forces are now taking over. There was discussion of continuing the work started by panel 55. [I am sorry I do not understand why there was no panel 56 or 57. I was confused by this, but I forgot to ask.] Three items were considered for continuance.

Item 1. Redistricting task force. We are 95 to 98% there. It was decided that this task will be continued.

Item 2. Al-Anon day task force. It was decided that the Al-Anon day task force will not continue.

Item 3. AWSC insurance. Michigan AFG is responsible for safety at all of their events and could be liable. We are looking into umbrella insurance; the task is partway done. This insurance is for Michigan AFG Inc. and its officers. The former chairperson of this is in a different life situation and cannot be present now. Actually the Task Force does not yet exist. The Thought Force has not presented, and so it cannot happen until August. A vote was taken about continuing the Thought Force. The Thought Force on insurance was voted to continue.

Greeters, hostesses and food is needed for this year’s convention May 4 – 6 at Shanty Creek. A sign up sheet was circulated.

Secretary report

There are two web links for more information

AWSC files

General information files

Continuing the new business

It was passed that substantial unanimity would be set at two thirds.

Attendees counted off. There are 22 eligible to vote.

Officers elected in absentia. Cindy presented a motion to AWSC which is to be taken to assembly.

Motion: Michigan AFG members eligible to stand for any AWSC officer position may do so in absentia.

Discussion: Members may be unavailable due to weddings, funerals, sickness and the like. They should still be table to stand for office. World service conference has done this for years. Guidelines were given for this. Write-ins are not allowed. Elections are for a three year term. If made, this motion will be forwarded on to a assembly. This is just a recommendation to assembly.

Vote taken: 21 yea, 1 nay, 0 abstentions. Passed.

Rotation in use of MI AFG computers.

Motion 267: Require officers and coordinators to use the Michigan AFG computer assigned to them for Michigan AFG business they perform and not to use for personal use. Also adopt the computer rotation procedure that has been presented. This procedure is for each year to rotate the oldest computer to the tech coordinator. The tech coordinator shall dispose of the oldest computer. Michigan AFG will purchase a new computer to replace the computer rotated to the tech coordinator.

Discussion: We have six laptops for officers. Maybe we will soon have seven. Anonymity may not be protected on members’ own personal computers. The computers of Michigan AFG are under-utilized. Furthermore, one of the Michigan AFG computers was used for a personal use. This motion is to be recommended to assembly.

Vote taken: 22 yea, 0 nay, 0 abstentions. Passed.

Review of the 2018 – 2020 Policy Handbook and Convention guidelines.

Discussion: Going through page by page and correcting typos and other items. Discussing only errors found by the policy committee.

Many of the changes were typos and other minor changes. [There was considerable discussion about Alateen convention rooming guidelines relating to something that I do not understand very well. There was controversy about this part.]

Motion 268: recommending proposed changes.

Vote taken: 13 yea, 7 nay, 2 abstentions
The motion was not passed.

Motion 269: recommending proposed changes not including Convention guidelines.

Vote taken: 16 yea, 2 nay, 4 abstentions. Passed.

Old business

Michigan redistricting. Redistricting was last done in the 1990’s to 44 districts. Some changes have occurred since then. Now there are 42 districts. There are 17 district reps and five district contacts (not voters). Boundaries are somewhat unclear.

Motion has been made to continue to pursue this. It is close to being done. We’re trying to go down to 32 districts with better defined boundaries based on geography. Al-Anon groups are still autonomous and may choose to work with any district.

Motion 270: Present proposed district realignment for group rep approval at Spring assembly. Documents will be put online and on display at assembly. The written document will also be put out.

Vote taken: 21 yay, 0 nay, 1 abstention. Passed.

[I went up and looked at the map with the new districts. I asked that we remain District 5. I explained briefly about having to get changes made at the bank if our district number changed. Our new website was also mentioned. Cheryl also went and talked to them about keeping us District 5. We will most likely remain District 5, and I was told the boundaries were pretty much the same.]

People in positions of Michigan AFG have changed. Web Coordinator is Jamie. Treasurer is Maggie S. Public Outreach Coordinator is Cheryl B. [others missed]

Detroit Metro report – Michigan AFG has always paid an equalized amount to send delegates to conference. Want to recommend to assembly to pay equalized or actual to groups that have delegates who can’t afford to go. Tabled until August 9.

2018-03-24 Area World Service Committee

Please note that the date has been changed.
“Where Michigan Al-Anon takes care of business!”

Held 2018-03-24 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at Church of Christ, 1075 W Monroe Rd, St Louis, MI.

All Al-Anon/Alateen members are invited to attend. This meeting is served by a potluck lunch so please bring something to share for lunch or continental breakfast. Get Involved!!! -When I got busy, I got better!!!

This meeting is attended by the Area officers, the Area coordinators, the District representatives, AIS/LDC Liaisons, and any member who may be interested. Please review and print the agenda for this meeting and the minutes from the last AWSC meeting. Please be prepared with any questions/comments that you might have.

CLOSED: This meeting of Al-Anon is closed to the public. Closed meetings are for anyone whose personal life is or has been deeply affected by close contact with a problem drinker. If you are interested in Al-Anon/Alateen or wish to observe as a student or professional, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings designated as ‘open’.

2017-11-11 AWSC Report

Maggie and I went up and there were many District Reps and Coordinators there.

In August a new ”panel” was voted in. A “panel” is the executive board consisting of MI Delegate, Alt. Delegate, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. The old one was Panel 55 and the new is Panel 58. They go in 3 year increments and the new one takes office Jan. 2018.

Along with this Board there are many Coordinator positions to fill as these get replaced also. The Coordinator positions are Alateen Coord. And Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP), records coord, archives coord, public outreach coord, website coord, Lit/ Forum coord, newsletter editor and tech coord. If you are interested in any of these positions let me know and I will pass this on to Ann M. MI Del. You do not need to be a GR past or present.

Remember MIAFG has grown from members participation.

The WSO is gearing up for the 2018 International Convention July 6-8 in Baltimore MD! Registration can be done online through the WSO website. First you register for the Convention, then they will give you room options.

Mileage at state level is $0.60 per mile.

We voted to continue the Redistricting Task force through Spring 2018 Assembly.

Michigan has 42 Districts and only 19 DR’s. Please consider being our District 5’s DR!

A 2018 Service Manual will be available in May 2018.

There is a new GR-1 form coming out soon.

Expenses are up at WSO so any donations you can make, individual or from your group, are Appreciated.

Our 2018 Michigan State Convention is 2018-05-04 thru 2018-05-06 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire MI. I have flyers if you need one.

The Treasurer was out sick so we had no reports from her.

You can see other info on the MIAFG website.

Yours in Service,
Cheryl B. , District Rep.

2017-11-11 AWSC Minutes

The original version may be downloaded. What follows is a copy of the original to facilitate searches within the site, but it may lack formatting elements of the original.

AWSC —Minutes of November 11, 2017, St Louis, MI
Start Time: 10:07 AM
Matt opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer
Hosted by District 16
Kris read Tradition 4, Rosemary read Concept 4, Tracy read the General Warranties
Roll Call: Chairman-Matt D, State Delegate-Mike D, Alternate Delegate-Ann M, Secretary-Steffi K.
Treasurer-Jodi B-Absent
Welcome to our new DRs today! FloAnn and Sandy who have been involved in Area MIAFG for a long time, are now DRs
Reports and Communication
BUSINESS SERVICES/FINANCE: Secretary, Treasurer, and Technical Coordinators (Tech & Web)
SECRETARY- Roll call of Board Members was done by Steffi.
Secretary’s Personal Comment: I forgot to thank everyone for entrusting me in this service position, so please accept my sincere thanks now. I think perhaps I was nervous and sad that this was my last time working for you.
MOTION TO APPROVE MINUTES from August 2017 made by Ross F. Seconded by Cheryl B. Minutes approved by consensus.
TREASURER – Jodi B was absent so there is no financial report today.
Cash Balances as of _____, 2017:
General Checking $ 0,000
Prudent Reserve $ 00,000
MIAFG Convention $ 0,000
Total Cash Balance: $00,000
Love Basket = $75.95 today.
WEBSITE – Jamie H – Most people are now sending monies to the right PO Box, they are aware of where the address information is located so there should be a smooth transition for the new treasurer.
As a reminder, there is a page for Al-Anon groups to share information and or events that are happening in their areas. Just email the information to me using the “Contact Us” link through the web site.
TECHNICAL – Kristine G – it’s her last meeting as Tech Coordinator, that position is still open for the next Panel, she’ll be happy to assist in training whomever takes that position next.
MEMBERSHIP OUTREACH – Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chair
Mike handed out his written report then spoke about new info. He reminded us that the DRs are the most important people here today. He introduced the New Officers for the next panel (Panel 58). There is information on each table today outlining the coordinator duties and a resume that is for everyone to use to determine which opportunity they’d like for the new Panel. Explained the role of WSO within AFG. Explained the goals that were set by the officers of Panel 55. “If we meet every goal we have set, then we’re not setting high enough goals. We need to keep growing.” Mike
handed out certificates of appreciation to all members of Panel 55. He then read moving comments, a touching share of his growth through service, especially during this Panel, that he presented at WSC. (all below)
WSC Delegate Report To the AWSC
Thank you for being here today. As the voice of your Groups, you are the most important person here.
This is my last report to the Area World Service Committee (AWSC) as your World Service Conference Delegate. Yes, you are an Area World Service Committee member and I am grateful for your participation. “Participation is the key to harmony.” (Concept Four)
I have been in touch with your Officers, Coordinators, Past Delegates, a few DRs, Grs, AISs and the World Service Office. Attended your Fall Assembly where we had very good attendance for elections of your Panel 58 Officers. Your new Officers will be Ann M. – Delegate, Kristine G. – Alt. Delegate, Mike D. – Area Chair, Maggie S. – Area Treasurer, FloAnn Y. – Area Secretary. As per your Michigan AFG, Inc. Al-Anon and Alateen Policy Handbook, your new Delegate Ann M. is looking for Members to fill the Coordinator positions; a great opportunity to expand your growth in recovery and to give back for what Al-Anon has given you.
Vali F. started her new journey on September 5th as your new Executive Director at the World Service Office (WSO). She attended her first “Road Trip” Annual Board of Trustees meeting; last month in Colorado. Mary G. completed her Interim Executive Director position at the same “Road Trip” meeting and now begins her new own personal journey. I thank her for the wonderful job she did in such a short period of time.
The World Service Office is gearing up for the “2018 International Convention” (Celebrating One Day at a Time) in Baltimore Maryland. There is only 7 months, 3 weeks and 4 days until the Parade of Nations begins; but for the first time, festivities will start the day before with the “Day of Connecting.” An Additional day with a full program of panels, discussion meetings and presentations. Registration started on September 5th (do not try to get hotel reservations before registering with WSO); the sooner you register the more you save and the closer to the events your housing could be.
The 2018 World Service Conference, to be held in West Harrison, New York, so that Ann and the full Conference can visit “Stepping Stones” (Home of Bill and Lois W.). The Conference theme will be, “Al-Anon – There is no standing still!”
This information (in more detail) and much more information is available in the quarterly letter of the Chairman of the board of Trustees’ found on the members’ web site. Also, there you will find a letter from the Policy Committee, Finance Committee and the Conference Leadership Team. From the Policy Committee you will learn about: Policy Digest Review – Implementing “Spiritual Principles” in the policies of the Service Manual. Electronic Meetings – Current progress and a breakout session at the 2018 World Service Conference. “Open” and “Closed” Terminology – Task Force to be created to change the language for newcomers and professionals. Getting in Touch with Al-Anon/Alateen (S23) – Not part of policy and should be re-located from Policy Digest Review. And much more.
The Finance Committee: Between donations and literature sales income is down $376,000.00 from this time last year. Expenses are up by about $450,000.00. So, Al-Anon as a whole is trusting that the fellowship will come through as it did in 2016 to increase donations for the last 3 months of 2017 (by $600,000.00) so the budget will be met. Find out the why and more details in the letter on the members’ website.
The Conference Leadership Team is gearing up for Conference; the Conference Procedures Booklet has been revised for this Conference. Finding more ways to have Delegates involved in the workings of the Conference Agenda. “Conference Rules” are now known as “Conference Etiquette”. Vali F. will be speaking Wednesday evening at Conference, so at Spring Assembly, Ann can give us review of her talk. By the way, just for your information and continuing Panel 55 dedication to education – the Conference Leadership Team is made up of: Associate Director – Conference (Suzanne M.), (Trustees – Judy K. and Teri M.) Chair and Co-Chair of the Conference, Chair of the Board of
Trustees (Debbie G.), Executive Director (Vali F.) and Director of Programs (Marsha W.). See more info in the CLT letter on the members website as part of the Chair of the Board of Trustees’ letter.
I hope that everyone is “In the Loop”. “In the Loop” is the new “E-News” and all members are encouraged to go to the members’ website and register to receive it directly through e-mail.
Hooray! The 2023 International Convention site has been chosen. It will be held in, pause, deep breath; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Congrats to New Mexico on their hard work.
As stated at the beginning of this report, this is the last meeting of Panel 55. It has been an Honor and Privilege, Educational and Humbling, Recovery and Growth to serve Michigan AFG. Thank you Panel 55: Members, GRs, AIS Liaisons, Host Committees, Thought and Task Forces, DRs, Past Delegates and Officers for their participation in the growth of Michigan AFG.
Thank you for this opportunity service.
Learning and Growing Through Service
Mike Drumheller, MI AFG WSC Delegate
Additional from Mike:
2017 Conference Panel 55 Delegate’s 3 Minute Talk
Mike Drumheller, Michigan, Panel 55
I thank God, for this experience; and Michigan AFG, who entrusted me to be their voice at the World Service Conference. It has been an honor and humbling – I wasn’t ready and didn’t feel worthy.
God doesn’t choose those who are ready, God readies those who are chosen! In my years of service, I have only volunteered twice. Every other time I was asked (or told, it was my time) to serve. My sponsors drilled into me, “When asked to serve the answer is YES!!” I learned to trust in those around me; that they saw in me what I did not see in myself. My Higher Power has always been there for me; along with those, who have gone before me.
I am grateful for my participation in the Task Force – “Welcoming other Communities, Cultures and Beliefs”. Presenting it at Assembly; along with – the 2015 “The Big Question” and “Dream” have been major highlights of my time as Delegate. This year, “Spirituality in Area Money Discussions” has added to my gratitude. In communicating with the membership about the “Prayer for Today”; I have learned that the membership is much more passionate than I thought. I have learned from those who have spoken loudly; and from the “silent voices”.
“Our Members: Our Hope for the Future” – I have always felt that the newcomer is the most important person in the meeting. I want Al-Anon to be there for the newcomer as it was there for me.
I practice what I am taught until I learn something different – hopefully better. Our Program is a beautiful thing (like crystal), but am I becoming so rigid that I may shatter? For “Our Members: Our Hope for the Future”; the Membership must evolve and grow along with today’s, (and the future’s) – communities, cultures and beliefs. Our Program must be more like leather – comfortable and flexible to fit the current society. I must not use tools of the Program, meant for individual recovery, to hold back the whole Program and cause it to become stagnant. Balance between tradition for the individual and evolution for the Program is difficult, but Balance is a wonderful thing to strive for.
“Our Members: Our Hope for the Future” – Let’s make “all” newcomers comfortable at their first meeting so they will want to come back!
Thank you for all you do!!
And this opportunity to serve.
Introduced new DRs (see above)
CHAIR – Matt D
He thanked the Officers and Coordinators for assisting him on this Panel. Also the committee members of executive committee, policy committee, etc. He gave a brief listing of the goals that were met by this Panel. Increase the quality of your growth by stepping up for service. He offered support to anyone considering any position on Area level for MIAFG.
Old Business
46th MIAFG Convention 2018 — at Shanty Creek. Sherree (co-chair for May 4-6, 2018) spoke about the upcoming convention, she brought flyers/registration forms today.
47th MIAFG Convention 2019 — at Shanty Creek. Ann M. Noted that nobody has stepped up yet to host this convention. Districts, please step forward. May 3-5, 2019
TASK FORCE – Re-Districting: Renee F. her team has revised their ideas several times. 42 districts now, trying to revise it to have only 31 districts. She’s open to additional input from everyone. She hopes to present a final version at March AWSC so that it can be brought to Spring Assembly for approval.
Reports and Communication cont’d
DISTRICT HAPPENINGS – District Representatives reports…
Michelle D20, Cheryl D5, Sherree D23/24, Chris D11, Michelle D14, Kris D16, Sandy D2
Reports and Communication cont’d
AAPP – Marti – absent, no report
Alateen – Andy G reported on the Lock-Ins at Dawn Farm in Ypsilanti (April and October) Often the purpose of these is for communicating with other Alateens and build craft items to sell at Al-Anon Conventions to support their expenses. The most recent Lock-In was 31 people (11 sponsors, 20 teens)
FELLOWSHIP COMMUNICATION: Literature, Sentinel – Ross F, Maggie S
Sentinel – Maggie: the final newsletter for Maggie has a deadline of December 15th. Please get your shares to her.
Literature – Ross: He has created a new process for setting up an LDC at conventions, he will oversee getting it set up for the 2018 Convention, going forward the Literature coordinator will oversee the second two in their Panel, plus the first one for the subsequent Panel.
Website – Jamie (See her report above)
Public Outreach – Beth: Learned a lot, saw personal growth, she hopes the next coordinator enjoys it too.
Area Records – Renee: 40 new groups, still need to update “no-mail status” meetings. Still are meetings that don’t have email communication available.
Archives – Hugh: He worked hard to coordinate the archives so it’s all in order for the next person. He’s done two Panels in this role and it’s time for rotation of service.
Matt discussed the procedure is generally for all Task Forces to come to a close ending with this Panel, although the Re-Districting task force is very close to completion and he’d like it to continue into Panel 58. Requested a motion be made to allow this task force to continue. Verbal motion by Ross, Sandy 2nd. Passed unanimously.
AWSC MEMBER CONCERNS AND SOLUTIONS – “Looking for suggestions from other districts”
Andy G has someone attending his meeting who discusses their own problem with alcohol, how do they deal with it?
Michelle asked when we can expect the new Policy handbook. Has a too-large group in “no mail status” and no GR yet they want to open a second group to divide into two smaller groups. How to register or not register groups that are “troubled”.
Michelle D14 sees several groups that are “over-monitoring” their meeting, wants to see wording added to the opening so that people keep the focus on Al-Anon. Some groups read the table signs at their meeting opening which helps to keep people on track.
Renee talked about deactivating groups vs de-listing them at the AIS
Kris Solved a group problem using Tradition 5 (each Al-Anon group has but one purpose….” And a problem was settled although a family left.
Jeanette Groups are being invited to non-Al-Anon approved workshops which can confuse the Al-Anon purposes.
FloAnn offered comments/solutions to some of the above situations. We should make sure our decisions are based on “are we doing something helpful to that person, or Al-Anon?”
Joyce offered experience/suggestions on above concerns.
Hugh offered suggestions for above concerns.
Vic wonders when will we acknowledge and put on the agenda the Absentia voting matter that was discussed at Assembly.
Chosen Agenda Item: “Should the Action Committee Spotlight Focus be Changed from Action Items to Educational/Information Topics”
Mike D presented details on this topic. Several years ago, MIAFG followed the idea of action committees as done by WSO. Are they still a productive way to hold Assembly? Are these action committees helpful at Assembly? Should we perhaps have the Coordinators lead workshops instead?
Feedback from Sherree, (more interaction, moving table to table to talk w people you might now already know), Renee, (perhaps have workshops at Assembly)
Cheryl, enjoyed interactive things
Steffi, make it an assignment or challenge to the DRs to come up with new ideas
Vic, let’s teach people the principles and how to disagree yet get along
Denise, enjoys the physical activities and she took things back to her groups and did the exercise there. i.e.: Q/A
Michelle, educational things getting people moving is good
Ann, would like the Action Committees to be more useful for participants
Andy, Concept 4 – participation is the key to harmony. “Can’t have harmony if everyone is singing the same note”, people may be afraid to speak if they think they have a minority point of view, encourage everyone to participate and speak up.
Mike D Thanked everyone for their participation. That’s why we had this Chosen Agenda Item. This shows that we need to make changes. All here are equal. Based on this discussion, we need more interactive projects.
Matt noted that the Policy Handbook is being updated and will be available in hard copy soon.
Meeting closed at 1:43 PM with the Al-Anon Declaration, followed by the Serenity Prayer
Respectfully Submitted, Steffi Korens, Secretary, Panel 55

2017-11-11 Area World Service Committee (AWSC)

“Where Michigan Al-Anon takes care of business!”

Held 2017-11-11 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at Church of Christ, 1075 W Monroe Rd, St Louis, MI.

All Al-Anon/Alateen members are invited to attend. This meeting is served by a potluck lunch so please bring something to share for lunch or continental breakfast. Get Involved! When I got busy, I got better!

This meeting is attended by the Area officers, the Area coordinators, the District representatives, AIS/LDC Liaisons, and any member who may be interested. Please review and print the minutes from the last AWSC meeting and the agenda. Please be prepared with any questions/comments that you might have.

CLOSED: This meeting of Al-Anon is closed to the public. Closed meetings are for anyone whose personal life is or has been deeply affected by close contact with a problem drinker. If you are interested in Al-Anon/Alateen or wish to observe as a student or professional, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings designated as ‘open’.

2017-10-14 Fall Assembly Minutes

The original version may be downloaded. What follows is a copy of the original to facilitate searches within the site, but it lacks formatting elements of the original.

Fall Assembly/Election Minutes – October 14, 2017
St Louis Assembly Center
Meeting opened at 10:09 AM with the Serenity Prayer
Tradition #3 by Lori, Concept #3 by Sandy, General Warranties by Joyce
Host Committee is District 11
Roll call of Executive Board: Delegate Mike Drumheller, Alternate Delegate Ann Murphy, Chair Matt Dost, Treasurer Jodi Breithart (absent), Secretary Steffi Korens. All board members were present.
Reports & Communication
Secretary – Steffi – Motion to accept minutes of previous Assembly made by Janet O, Jamie H 2nd = Passed
Treasurer –in Jodi’s absence, Vic C presented her report and balance sheet
Secretary’s note: Group donations are down this year, please talk to your groups about donations to Area.
Financial Summary as of September 30, 2017:
Prudent Reserve/Svgs. $ 11,584.87
MIAFG Convention $ 2,000.11
Chase $ 8,165.34
Total $ 21,750.32
Balance of Treasurer’s report was available in printed form.
PLEASE be sure your group is sending monies to the CURRENT PO Box which is:
Michigan AFG Inc, PO Box 13165, Lansing, MI 48901
Motion to accept/file the Treasurer’s report made by Ross F, Bobbi R 2nd = Passed
The LOVE BASKET today collected $269
109 people signed in today.
10 New Group Reps are here today!
46th MIAFG Convention (2018) Report – Debbie / Sherri M
47th MIAFG Convention (2019) Report – Ann M — We need a District to come forward to host this.
Re-Districting Task Force Report – Renee F – Her team has a tentative map, please look at it and please give her your comments so the team can refine, it will then go to AWSC in November, and hopefully be voted on at Spring Assembly 2018
Matt asked for a motion to establish 2/3 approval for voting.
Verbal Motion to Establish Substantial Unanimity: So moved by Marte D moved, Ross F 2nd Voters: 75 Q = 50
2018 MIAFG Budget Proposal/Approval – Liz P
Motion #263 by Marte D, 2nd by Patty M Vote: Yes 73, No 1, Abstain 1. Motion passed
2018 WSC Equalized Expense Payment – Vic C
Motion #264 by Debbie S, 2nd by Sherree M Vote: Yes 74, No 0, Abstain 2. Motion passed.
In absentia Election Nomination Motion – Matt D He requested a motion to allow in absentia standing, if not the issue will go to the policy committee.
New Voter count (late arrivals) is 78, Q=51
Motion #265 by Julie S, 2nd by Gretchen C. Vote: Yes 34, No 38, Abstain 6. Motion failed.
Reports and Communication continued
Delegate Report – Mike D
Welcome to your Area 27 (Michigan) Fall Assembly and thank you for being here today. We have all come together today to exchange information to & from the World Service Conference. The Group Representative is a vital link of communication with the groups and the Conference; you are the most important person here today. You represent “Our Members: Our Hope for the Future.” You will receive a lot of information today to take back and share with your groups. Besides receiving information here today; the Group Representative may receive some information directly from the World Service Office (WSO) via Group E-News & AFG “In the Loop”. You will also have opportunities today to let your Area Officers, Coordinators and Delegate know about your group’s wishes, questions and concerns; that we may communicate them to the World Service Conference & Office. Please feel free to talk to us today or contact us at anytime by phone or e-mail. May we all “presume good will” in our discussions and decisions here today. We are all here to help each other to succeed.
Good news! We have several new Groups: Alateen Early Birds – Rockford, Irish Hills Alateen- Brooklyn, Alateen – Ludington, Jenison Alateen – Jenison, Kingsley Alateen – Kingsley, Easy Does It AFG– Grand Rapids, Survival to Recovery II AFG – Flint
Besides Assembly your District meeting is the most important place for the GR to communicate with the World Service Conference. Your District Representative (DR) has vital information from the Area World Service Committee (AWSC). At AWSC, your DR gets information and gives information to your Delegate to convey to the World Service Conference throughout the year. At the August AWSC meeting we talked about feature convention sites, Alateen Behavior and Safety Requirements, and the proposed budget for 2018. We heard from your Coordinators, AIS liaisons and District happenings. Get with your DR for more info. If you don’t have a DR; Assembly is a good place to get your Groups Representatives together and elect one.
The District meeting is also a vital part of having a healthy group meeting. Here groups share and work out issues about their meetings. A group that is part of an active District is usually a healthy group.
News from the World Service Office (the World’s largest AIS); we have a new Executive Director, Vali F. from Arizona. Also, the Quarterly Chair of the Board of Trustees letter came out in August with info from various committees; finance, policy … Check it out at www.al-anon.org/members or you can get the information from your District Representative.
As of 10/14/17 (Fall Assembly) there are 8 months, 3 weeks and 1 day till an unforgettable event – The International Al-Anon/Alateen Convention in Baltimore Maryland. Saving your Change? Get with your Sponsors, Sponsies, Trusted Friends or others to share travel and housing costs. Baltimore is a drivable distance. Registration is now open and all the information is available at www.al-anoninternationalconvention.org. Do not try to reserve a hotel before registering with WSO first!
This is the last Assembly for Panel 55; I would like to thank all your Trusted Servants who, for the past three years, have given their time and energy to Al-Anon & Alateen: Group Officers, GRs, AIS Officers, AIS Liaisons, District Officers, DRs, Area Coordinators, Area Officers and Past Delegates. These members are dedicated to giving back what was given to them and have a desire to insure the continued growth of Al-Anon & Alateen. “Participation is the key to Harmony.” Thank you for all you do!!
We are electing new Officers for Michigan AFG here at Fall Assembly. What will your next steps look like in Recovery – “I had been the most fearful person; afraid of everything … afraid of animals, the dark, thunderstorms, and people. As I grew older, people were my greatest fear. Even approaching the program, I still was fearful, I’d go to A.A. meetings but still really was afraid of meeting people. I was very shy; I was the greatest introvert on record.” Page 20
Many Voices One Journey “Ann B. said she was “the greatest introvert on record,” and yet she went on to be a Chairman of the Board for Al-Anon. She believed that Al-Anon service played a very important role in her recovery.” Page 21 Many Voices One Journey
What part will Al-Anon service play in my own recovery? – Officer, Coordinator, DR, GR….
I thank all of you for your encouragement and support. I can never express how grateful I am. Also Thank You for putting your trust and faith in me three years ago. I have been humbled by your confidence in me.
Growing Through Service, Mike Drumheller, MI AFG WSC Delegate
Alateen 60th Anniversary Address – Marti W and Alateens Summer and Kiba
Coordinator Job Fair – Ann M
Broke for Lunch at 11:56 AM
Resumed meeting 1:15 PM
ELECTIONS for Panel 58 – Guidelines, voting member count
Voting Membership Count-down for voting #81 Voters = 54 Quorum
Order of voting: Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer
DELEGATE Standing: Vic C, Ann M — Three rounds of voting, Ann Murphy is our next Delegate
Down to 80 voters = Q54
ALTERNATE DELEGATE Standing: Kristine G, Kristine Gilbey is our next Alternate Delegate
Down to 79 voters = Q 53
CHAIRPERSON Standing: Mike D, Mike Drumheller is our next Chairperson
SECRETARY Standing: FloAnn Y, FloAnn Yoerg is our next Secretary
TREASURER Standing: Maggie S, Maggie is our next Treasurer
Chosen Agenda Item: “Should the Action Committee Spotlight Focus be Changed from Action items to Educational/Information Topics” Presented by Mike D.
Meeting closed at 2:48 PM with the Al-Anon Declaration. “Let it Begin With Me, When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and let it begin with me.”
Respectfully submitted, Steffi Korens, Secretary

2017-10-14 Area 27 Fall Assembly Report

81 voting Group Reps were there.

The most important thing we voted on was for MI Delegate, Alt. Del. , Sec. and Treasurer and Chairman. Ann M. is the new Delegate, Kristine G. is the Alt. Del, Floann Y. is Secretary, Maggie S. is the Treasurer and Mike D. is the Chairman. Maggie is from our Dist. 5 and was the Serenity Sentinel Editor for the state. We should thank them all for their service.

We passed motions to approve the 2018 Budget and the WSC ( World Service Conference) Equalized Expense Payment which help other states to go to meetings at the WSO.

A question was brought up as to if someone could run for a state office like Del. in absentia? A heated discussion went on with both sides being brought up. The outcome was to not allow it that day but we could think about it for the future.

We passed a love basket and collected $269.95.

With the elections we will be starting a new “Panel”. A Panel consists of the elected officers. And the Coordinators will be replaced. The Coordinator positions are Alateen Coord. And Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP), records coord, archives coord, public outreach coord, website coord, Lit/ Forum coord, newsletter editor and tech coord. If you are interested in any of these positions let me know and I will pass this on to Ann M. MI Del. You do not need to be a GR past or present.

The Al-Anon International Convention is coming up July 6-8 in Baltimore MD and you can register for it now! I did! The early bird gets the cheaper price: before Dec. 21, 2017 it’s $130, then it goes up to $165 and last minute is $195. Lodging is extra.You can get all the info at the WSO website and they will offer hotel info also. If you try to find a hotel on your own you can’t do it.
I have gone to 2 other International Con. and they were wonderful! Maybe we could carpool there.

Our Mi State AFG Conventions are great also! 2018’s is May 4-6 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire MI. This is a great time to meet others in the program and hear great speakers!

We have 7 new groups in our state including 4 Alateen groups!

At our District 5 level please consider being our District Rep or Alt. District Rep. I have loved all 6 years I have done this but now I must step down. Let’s keep the momentum going in our district.
Cheryl B. , Dist.5 Rep.

2017-10-14 Michigan AFG Fall Assembly

All GR’s can vote at this state level meeting and are encouraged to attend or send someone else to represent your meeting. Area officers are elected at this meeting. Registration opens at 9:00AM; new GR orientation begins at 9:40 AM, and the Assembly starts at 10:00 AM. There is a $7 fee that includes continental breakfast and lunch. Attendance is free for Alateens. Park in the front lot. Please download and bring an agenda, minutes from the Spring Assembly, and the fall treasurer reports. Please review everything prior to Assembly so you will be prepared with any questions/comments you might have.

Contact Cheryl B to carpool at districtrep@afgdistrict5.org. They will meet at 7:00 AM at the Walmart on Ellsworth in Ypsilanti.

You may download or view a pdf version of the flyer that is suitable for printing and distribution.

CLOSED: This meeting of Al-Anon is closed to the public. Closed meetings are for anyone whose personal life is or has been deeply affected by close contact with a problem drinker. If you are interested in Al-Anon/Alateen or wish to observe as a student or professional, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings designated as ‘open’.

2017-08-12 AWSC Minutes

The original version may be downloaded. What follows is a copy of the original to facilitate searches within the site, but it lacks formatting elements of the original.

AWSC —Minutes of August 12, 2017, St Louis, MI
Start Time: 10:03AM
Ann opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer
Hosted by District 4
Pat read Tradition 8, Kevin read Concept 4, Chris read the General Warranties
Roll Call: State Delegate-Mike D, Alternate Delegate-Ann M, Treasurer-Jodi B, Secretary-Steffi K.
Chairman-Matt D-Absent
Welcome to our new DRs today!
Reports and Communication
BUSINESS SERVICES/FINANCE: Secretary, Treasurer, and Technical Coordinators (Tech & Web)
SECRETARY- Roll call of Board Members was done by Steffi.
MOTION TO APPROVE MINUTES from March 2017 made by Ross Seconded by Jamie, Minutes approved by consensus.
AGENDA APPROVED with correction: who will report on 46th Convention (Sherri M and Debbie S)
TREASURER – Jodi B reported the following financial information:
Cash Balances as of August 5, 2017:
General Checking $ 7,578
Prudent Reserve $ 11,585
MIAFG Convention $ 2,000
Total Cash Balance: $21,162
There was a Net Loss of $3,173 to date from the statement of operations.
MOTION TO ACCEPT/FILE THE TREASURER’S REPORT made by Liz P Second by Vicky P. Approved by consensus.
WEBSITE – Jamie H – Still gets requests for the correct PO Box to send donations, gets calls asking for meeting information, the Alateen Sponsor and New Meeting forms are now available on our website-on our Alateen page, also there is a page for groups to share info on their local events—contact Jamie with your info using the “Contact Us” link on our website.
TECHNICAL – Kristine G – No report
MEMBERSHIP OUTREACH – Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chair
Thank you for being here today. As the voice of your Groups, you are the most important person here.
I have attended my last World Service Conference, missed Convention and gave my last Spring Assembly report. My service as your World Service Delegate is far from over. Alcoholism, Recovery, Al-Anon and Alateen continues on.
I have been in touch with your other Officers, Coordinators, Past Delegates, a few DRs, GRs, AISs and the World Service Office. Attended your budget meeting, spoke at the State A.A. Convention in Mt. Pleasant and had a call from one you’re your Trustees and talked with your Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
The World Service Office has finished its re-organization with the hiring of a new Executive Director by the Board of Trustees. Her name is Vali F. from Arizona. She works for you! Her first day will be September 5th with help from your current Interim Executive Director Mary G. until the Trustee meeting in October. More information is available in the July Chairman of the Board of Trustee’s quarterly letter that can be found on the new AFG web site launched last month.
Conference Summaries will be available on the Member’s Web Site by the end of August at no charge; hard copies need to be ordered and cost $5.00 ea.
2018 Conference will be held in West Harrison, New York with the theme of: “Al-Anon – There is No Standing Still”.
The 2018 International Al-Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM) will meet October 2018 in Virginia Beach. Maybe a chance to see how the International portion of Al-Anon looks.
International Al-Anon/Alateen Convention 2018, Baltimore, Maryland, July 6th-8th with a “Day of Connecting” on Thursday, July 5th. Registrations will be available sometime in September with further information at that time. “Day of Connecting” will be a full program of presentations, discussions and panels.
The Quarterly COB letter also has reports from the Chairman of the Finance, Policy and Conference Leadership Team. Talks About donations, literature sale, group autonomy, electronic meetings, Open vs Closed meetings and next year’s conference.
Elections are just two months away. Have your talked to your Higher Power about your next steps in Al-Anon Recovery. “You Can’t Keep it, if You Don’t Give it Away!”
Thank you for this opportunity service.
Learning and Growing Through Service
Mike Drumheller
MI AFG WSC Delegate
Secretary’s note: Mike also noted that there are 42 Districts in Michigan – we need to reach out to all the ones not represented here today.
Remember this is an election year. Ann gave a brief rundown of the duties of Alternate Delegate.
CHAIR – Matt D Absent, no report
Old Business
46th MIAFG Convention 2018 — at Shanty Creek. Debbie and Sherri M presenting. Host will be District 23 & 24
Presented tentative Theme and Registration Form: Many Paths, One Journey “Traveling the Path of Recovery”. Shanty Creek creates a special package price, includes meals. If you opt out of meals, the room itself will cost more.
TASK FORCE – Re-Districting: Renee F: have met three times, reviewed survey results. Reissuing surveys to DRs for GRs also. Return them to Renee by early September. At Fall Assembly they’ll have a proposed map of new districts. And hope to finalize at the November AWSC. 16 districts do not have a DR.
TASK FORCE – Al-Anon Day: Michelle noted that she might not be on the next panel, so we need to determine who will head it because it will be held during the next panel.
THOUGHT FORCE – Social Media: Mike Drumheller noted that unless we get a committee this idea will be dissolved. Michelle B suggested we find a way to bring in more people to take on small projects because DRs and GRs are maybe overloaded. Perhaps the next Panel can work on that—need new blood/ideas/etc. Meanwhile it will be removed from the agenda.
TASK FORCE – AWSC Insurance: Mike Dongvillo—no report, being reviewed closer
ALATEEN POLICY AMENDMENTS – Mike Drumheller – New Policy with amendments were approved at Spring Assembly. It’s now available to everyone—was sent out via email prior to today’s meeting. After today it will be put online, on our website for all to review/download. (one more amendment was to correct verbiage about someone auditing themselves.)
New Business Voting Member Count 25 voters, Quorum= 17
Selection of 2019 State Convention Site – Ann M
Mike Recommended we vote by closed ballot on where to hold the 2019 convention.
Ross motion 2/3 Jamie 2nd.
Proposed 2018 dates for AWSC/Assembly –
It was recommended that in the future we change the October Fall Assembly date so that more people can attend and stand for elected positions. 2018 is not an election year so that option can be discussed later regarding 2020. The second Saturday of November is suggested. Verbal approval to approve the 2018 dates: majority-yes 2-no, Abs-none
REVOTE FOR 2019 CONVENTION. Ballot vote will be for only Shanty Creek and Crowne Plaza (Treetops vote was too low in the first vote and there wasn’t a quorum met in the first vote.)
Second vote didn’t meet a quorum.
Third vote determined 2019 will again be in Shanty Creek.
Proposed 2018 Budget -Liz P presented the proposed 2018 budget noting there were only a couple changes from the 2017 budget. Discussion/questions followed by a vote to recommend this budget to Assembly in October for approval.
Motion #261 By Ross, Renee 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Love Basket = $81 today.
Reports and Communication cont’d
DISTRICT HAPPENINGS – District Representatives reports…
Michelle-14, Bill-12, Sherri-23, Vicky-24, Kris-16, Michelle-20
FloAnn-Metro Detroit Office
Alateen Coordinator-Andy – talked about recertifying sponsors for KOMIAC (in addition to the annual certification) also about where the donations are used. Fall Lock/In-Oct 7th , Matt R new rep, Summer B alt rep
AAPP-Marti – Right now we have 108 active Alateen sponsors and 23 active Alateen groups. 17 inactive this year (they were active last year). Forms are now online.
Motion #262 by Ross F, Hugh W 2nd, to recommend to Assembly to purchase a computer and software for the AAPP.
New voter count is 23, Q =15 The vote: Y-22, N-0, A-1 Passed to recommend to Assembly
FELLOWSHIP COMMUNICATION: Literature, Sentinel – Ross F, Maggie S
Literature – Ross read letter from Tom C. at WSO regarding e-books. New literature has been approved and will hopefully be ready in 2018 and 2019 (or 2020 at the Int’l convention– Check w Ross later.) There is a new form for sharings online for the Forum, etc. New daily reader would like shares on the middle/back of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts. (most shares are on Steps/Traditions/Concepts 1,2,3)
Sentinel – Maggie – absent, no report
Website-Jamie –reported earlier
Public Outreach-Beth – absent, no report
Area Records-Renee – several meetings are inactive or she can’t reach anyone. The info needs to be updated. DRs should go to the meetings in their district to get the info updated.
Archives-Hugh – explained details about archivist, more and more people in other groups are becoming interested in the Al-Anon Archives. Mentioned electronic meetings.
Ann reminded us that we need a host committee for our 2019 Convention.
AWSC MEMBER CONCERNS AND SOLUTIONS – “Looking for suggestions from other districts”
Holly – (doesn’t have a DR and many meetings in her district don’t have GRs). She is left out of the link of communication. Is our communication system working properly? How can we reach more groups and loners?
Renee – do we really need people to be present for elections? —can someone send a letter of intention if they can’t attend? Is it policy?
Michelle – are we really spending $5,000 to send only 24 Alateens to KOMIAC? She’s very concerned about this.
Cheryl – asked if we need to be a GR to be a Coordinator—A: you must be or have been a DR to be a coordinator. We are looking up these details to verify.
Michelle – GRs seem to be doing too much work within their groups (treasurer, unlock the building, etc.) they need to start delegating small workloads to others.
Sherri – looking for sign up list for helpers for our convention in 2019.
FloAnn – articles should be approved before going in the Sentinel—an article recently was like “airing dirty laundry”
Marti – we need to share more about these AWSC meetings with our groups, all members should feel “part of”. Bring them to these meetings.
Andy – Harmony – concept #4: Participation is the Key to Harmony. We need to accept each other’s point of view. He also responded to the question about bus cost for so few kids. But it saves them from accidents which happened one year—the kids are too tired to drive safely home.
Michelle – same people doing same jobs in the district. Group level is where most solutions are. We need the groups to encourage people to be in service. And to explain the importance of Sponsors.
Mike D – responded to the question of coordinators, Coordinators in MI are appointed by the delegate.
Meeting closed at 2:09 PM with the Al-Anon Declaration, followed by the Serenity Prayer.
Respectfully Submitted, Steffi Korens, Secretary, Panel 55