2017-01-06 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: Pending approval
Submitted by: Bryan T
Attendance: 8 (Marilyn F, Cheryl B, Kelly S, Bryan T, Nancy S, Barb, Diane B, Jan A)

Opened with Serenity Prayer
Approved agenda
Approved minutes from 2016-11-26 district meeting with the following change(s):
The last line under “Cheryl-district rep:” section was changed from

It was decided that the mini meetings will now be held at 5:15 on the first Friday of the month.


It was decided that the mini meetings will now be held at 5:15 on the first Friday of most months.



Treasurer – Jan

Available balance is $1944.85 which does not include $500 reserve. The annual report for 2016 is complete and available. Report was accepted as presented. Jan A proposed to place cash under the door of church instead of in check form. Bryan T inquired if this would interfere with accounting and IRS purposes. Jan responded that she could not foresee an issue. Marilyn noted that we would be writing down the amount in the minutes, so it would be recorded in case of audit. All agreed that cash could be placed under door instead of check. Suggested donation to the meeting facility is $1 per person. Total donation given $11.

Intimacy Open Talk – Kelly S

Title of the talk is Impact of Alcoholism and Addiction on Intimacy and Sexual Relationships, which is scheduled for Friday 2017-02-03 7:30P-9:00P at Zion Lutheran Church. Kelly S gave an overview of speakers. Jan A, Marilyn F, and Cheryl B volunteered to make and bring baked goods to sell at the event. The expenses for the event include table cloths, coffee, paper plates, cups, and $100 donation for rent to the church. Abby will introduce/moderate the speakers. Two of the speakers requested not to be recorded; therefore, none will be. The recording from last year will be provided to the speakers. Last year, attendance was approximately 125, which exceeded the capacity of the room. Please advertise the event, but don’t go overboard. Previous year had low literature sales. Diane B will bring a small assortment of literature and man a table to sell them and answer questions for non-Al-Anon folk. After the speakers are done, Abby will open the floor for Al-Anon members to share and direct people with questions about Al-Anon to see Diane B at the back. Direct volunteers to e-mail Kelly S. Diane B, Jan A, and Marilyn F volunteer to arrive for setup at 6:00P. Diane B and Jan A volunteer for breakdown. We must vacate the church by 10:00PM. Kelly S is doing the shopping for plates, napkins, and coffee supplies. Supplies from last year were adequate; therefore, identical quantities will be purchased.

AIS/LDC – Diane B

Discussion was held on whether to post meeting minutes before and/or after approval. There was disagreement among the discussion participants. Topic was tabled for next meeting in interest of time. The Thursday Serenity AFG group does not have a current mailing address(CMA). Marilyn offered to provide a relevant number to Diane B for tracking down the appropriate contact for the meeting. Diane B announced that we need a district group records coordinator.

Website Liaison – Bryan T

The current sandbox site is accessible at https://afgdistrict5.org/. Bryan T expects to migrate to the new site with a minimal feature set within approximately 2 months. The new site will link to the old site for those seeking something that has not yet been implemented in the new site. Please send to Bryan T a copy of any documents relevant to District 5 that you produce and can be posted to the website. If you have the original editable document, please provide that version in addition to a pdf file.

Phone Coordinator – Marilyn F

People are getting through on the phone. Marilyn F shared a heartwarming story of someone helped by the service. Marilyn F has a sign up sheet for 2017.

Open Talks – Annie

Annie absent. No one was aware of any talks scheduled for January or February other than the intimacy talk, which is described earlier in these minutes.

Group and Other Concerns

Bryan T suggested that we consider combining the group records position and website coordinator in the future because the website may become able to generate reports. Diane B mentioned privacy concerns for group representative(GR) contact information.


The next district meeting is Saturday 2017-03-18 10:45A at King of Kings.

Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration: “Let it begin with me. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen aways be there, and let it begin with me.”