2020-08-15 District Meeting


  • Marcia (LDC)
  • Richard H (Serenity Seekers Group Rep),
  • Sheila
  • Maggie S (District Rep)
  • Spencer T (Hope, Strength & Courage Group Rep),
  • Annie J (Member at Large)
  • Mary F (Just For Today Group Rep)
  • Nancy B (Alternate District Rep; Thursday Saline Group Rep)
  • Vicki (TGIF Group Rep)
  • Jan (Treasurer)
  • Kelly S (District Phone Coordinator)
  • Darcy
  • Diane (Member at Large)

The meeting was held on zoom, and the first 30 minutes were spent dealing with technical issues.

Treasurer’s report. Jan, who is the treasurer, gave a report. She reported we have $611.53 in the checking account. Given a prudent reserve of $500, this gives us $111.53 for discretionary expenditures. We are coming up on when we usually make donations to state and WSO. We would usually give $250 to each, but we do not have the fund for that. We could give about $50 to each right now, given our balance. On July 13, we paid for PO Box ($92 for the year). She heard there will be other expenses, and she doesn’t know what they will be.

There was a discussion of asking groups to consider encouraging members to contribute to the district. One person suggested the following “takeaway” from the meeting that could be shared with groups:  “District 5 currently has a balance of  $111.53 in expendable funds.  We are about to incur expenses that will bring the balance close to zero.  Please consider making a direct donation to District 5 at https://afgdistrict5.org/contact#donate“”

District phone report. Larry has been doing the phone. Kelly says she is keeping notes of what meetings are happening so Larry can provide accurate information to callers. She asked for input on status of a few meetings:

  • Monday’s Chelsea hospital meeting. Nobody knows the status of that meeting.
  • Ypsilanti Monday 8 PM meeting. They are not meeting. Maggie said she thinks there is no zoom meeting.
  • Wednesday 7:30 PM at Dawn Farm. That is not meeting physically; farm is closed. There may be a virtual version of this meeting. One person offered to look into it.
  • Friday’s 12:30 PM Chelsea hospital “nooners” meeting. Nobody knows the status of that meeting.
  • There is a Friday 2 PM Zoom meeting that is on the Alano Club zoom meeting lists, but it is not listed on the District 5 website.  

There was a question about how many calls does the phone get. Kelly reported it to be about 2 calls per week that are specific to Al Anon.

Report on AWSC meeting. Nancy B (alternate district rep) gave a summary on Area World Service Committee (AWSC) meeting. There was a lot of time spent on tech and process. It went from 9:30 to 2 PM. There are 19 service positions available. Planning is going on for the AWSC convention in 2021. The Al-Anon WSO insurance task force has identified a State Farm policy on a directors and officers liability policy. A vote will be taken on that at the next meeting. Also, the Michigan AFG Convention 2022 will be in Bay City.

Alateen. Group representatives have been asked to ask Alateen leaders to be recertified. Only about 50% have been. Also, Comiac did happen prior to lockdown in March.

Alateen, public outreach, and web administrator reports were not given because nobody was present to report.

LDC report. Marcia is the new LDC for District 5. She has limited herself to literature, so she will not do the phone bill.  She had one literature sale last month. Diane did not have any sales in May and June. Marcia is happy to meet people for distributing literature. She will make individual sales in addition to group literature reps. $314 is the approximate balance. It was noted that the district gets 17% of sale and purchaser does not have to pay shipping, making it beneficial for both.

Report on updating list of meetings. Spencer reported that his goal was to bring the written list into concordance with the online list. He has not yet done it; he will do it.

New business. 

  • Phone bill. It is $30 per month. It had been paid by LDC. It will move to treasurer.
  • Domain name. It had been paid from LDC and will go to treasurer.
  • Vacant service positions. We still have a few. Richard H agreed to be secretary for the group. There was a discussion of the records position but there was no volunteer.

Electronic newcomer packet. There is a place on the website where you can put in your email and they will send newcomer information. IT is located at https://www.al-anon.org/welcome

Next meeting. The next district 5 meeting is scheduled for Saturday,  November 21. 10:15 to 12:15.