How to Make an Announcement & How to Subscribe to Receive Announcements

Al-Anon members, if you have an announcement that you would like to be distributed and posted to the website please send detailed announcement requests to Please provide a contact number and/or anonymous email address for follow up questions, and indicate when you would like the announcement to expire. Phone numbers will not be posted to the website, but anonymous email addresses will. If you object to us sharing your email, please indicate that in your request. An email is considered anonymous if it does not contain your full last name or affiliated business.

If you know of fellow Al-Anon members that would like to subscribe to receive email announcements please refer them to the Announcement Subscription web page.

If you attend a meeting and do not hear any or one of these announcements mentioned please encourage fellow Al-Anon members to visit this Announcements page. Please also encourage others to learn about the Open Service Positions in the announcement above.