2018-3-24 AWSC Report

AWSC Meeting March 24, 2018
St. Louis Michigan

Treasurer’s report, Maggie S.

See handout. There was a question about the prudent reserve being greater than $4000. Maggie S. is new and can’t yet answer. Furthermore, the Group Donations section may be confusing because she is still learning.

Please always include your group name, identifying information and ZIP Code on all donations sent!

Year end report of 2017 -being given by Maggie S. presenting for Jody who had to be out of town. See handout.

There was a slight shortfall in 2017; $513.
There is a prudent reserve of $11,585, which may be high.
Early 2018 donations have been high, which kind of makes up for the slight shortfall in 2017.
Michigan AFG is fairly healthy financially.

Please note the change of address for donations to Michigan AFG. The new address is Michigan AFG, Inc., PO box 90174, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198-0174.

Both treasurer’s reports were accepted.

An auditor is needed for last year’s books.
A person who is not a voting member of AWSC, “Vick,” volunteered to do the audit.
A group conscience was taken about this. It was decided that Vick can do the audit.

Michigan AFG donated to Alateen. There was a question: do we need to audit Alateen? A group conscience was held after a discussion of the issue. The decision was that we are not going to audit Alateen.

******Host committees are needed for Spring assembly and fall assembly. Please volunteer.********
Later Grand Rapids District 20 volunteered to host the fall assembly in October
After lunch someone volunteered to host the Spring Assembly – Detroit intergroup.

Member outreach
Ann M. is a new delegate
It was mentioned that there is no District Rep for District 5. It was recommended that everyone put it in their God Box that District 5 get a new District Rep.
Former District 5 Rep, Cheryl B., is now the Public Outreach Coordinator for Michigan AFG.

There is a World Service Conference April 16-20 in West Harrison, New York.

New Service Manuals are out. They will cost five dollars each. Condensed Service Manuals will be sent to groups rather than the entire service manual. This change is due to financial concerns.

WSO donations increased in 2017. These funds will be used to
Complete the new Al-Anon.org website
Hire staff instead of using consultants
Complete the new meeting search
Continue outreach.

2018 International Convention is in Baltimore Maryland, July 6-8. Registration costs $165 before May 31. After May 31 the cost will be $195.
A commemorative edition of the ODAT will be available at the convention for $15. Only a limited number of copies will be available.

“In the Loop” is now available on the Web.

The Spring assembly will be on June 23 (at this location) in St. Louis Michigan.

Michigan AFG alternate delegate Christine spoke.
She helped revise the blue policy handbook which was distributed at the meeting.
The website is now being taken care of in-house rather than being hired out.

New Business

Sherree M., cochair of the State Convention May 4 – 6, the 46th Michigan AFG Convention for Al-Anon and Alateen with AAA participation, spoke.

Someone is needed to host the 47th Michigan AFG convention in 2019. Many spoke about having hosted previous conventions and how it was good for them.

Panel 58 Thought and Task Forces are now taking over. There was discussion of continuing the work started by panel 55. [I am sorry I do not understand why there was no panel 56 or 57. I was confused by this, but I forgot to ask.] Three items were considered for continuance.

Item 1. Redistricting task force. We are 95 to 98% there. It was decided that this task will be continued.

Item 2. Al-Anon day task force. It was decided that the Al-Anon day task force will not continue.

Item 3. AWSC insurance. Michigan AFG is responsible for safety at all of their events and could be liable. We are looking into umbrella insurance; the task is partway done. This insurance is for Michigan AFG Inc. and its officers. The former chairperson of this is in a different life situation and cannot be present now. Actually the Task Force does not yet exist. The Thought Force has not presented, and so it cannot happen until August. A vote was taken about continuing the Thought Force. The Thought Force on insurance was voted to continue.

Greeters, hostesses and food is needed for this year’s convention May 4 – 6 at Shanty Creek. A sign up sheet was circulated.

Secretary report

There are two web links for more information

AWSC files

General information files

Continuing the new business

It was passed that substantial unanimity would be set at two thirds.

Attendees counted off. There are 22 eligible to vote.

Officers elected in absentia. Cindy presented a motion to AWSC which is to be taken to assembly.

Motion: Michigan AFG members eligible to stand for any AWSC officer position may do so in absentia.

Discussion: Members may be unavailable due to weddings, funerals, sickness and the like. They should still be table to stand for office. World service conference has done this for years. Guidelines were given for this. Write-ins are not allowed. Elections are for a three year term. If made, this motion will be forwarded on to a assembly. This is just a recommendation to assembly.

Vote taken: 21 yea, 1 nay, 0 abstentions. Passed.

Rotation in use of MI AFG computers.

Motion 267: Require officers and coordinators to use the Michigan AFG computer assigned to them for Michigan AFG business they perform and not to use for personal use. Also adopt the computer rotation procedure that has been presented. This procedure is for each year to rotate the oldest computer to the tech coordinator. The tech coordinator shall dispose of the oldest computer. Michigan AFG will purchase a new computer to replace the computer rotated to the tech coordinator.

Discussion: We have six laptops for officers. Maybe we will soon have seven. Anonymity may not be protected on members’ own personal computers. The computers of Michigan AFG are under-utilized. Furthermore, one of the Michigan AFG computers was used for a personal use. This motion is to be recommended to assembly.

Vote taken: 22 yea, 0 nay, 0 abstentions. Passed.

Review of the 2018 – 2020 Policy Handbook and Convention guidelines.

Discussion: Going through page by page and correcting typos and other items. Discussing only errors found by the policy committee.

Many of the changes were typos and other minor changes. [There was considerable discussion about Alateen convention rooming guidelines relating to something that I do not understand very well. There was controversy about this part.]

Motion 268: recommending proposed changes.

Vote taken: 13 yea, 7 nay, 2 abstentions
The motion was not passed.

Motion 269: recommending proposed changes not including Convention guidelines.

Vote taken: 16 yea, 2 nay, 4 abstentions. Passed.

Old business

Michigan redistricting. Redistricting was last done in the 1990’s to 44 districts. Some changes have occurred since then. Now there are 42 districts. There are 17 district reps and five district contacts (not voters). Boundaries are somewhat unclear.

Motion has been made to continue to pursue this. It is close to being done. We’re trying to go down to 32 districts with better defined boundaries based on geography. Al-Anon groups are still autonomous and may choose to work with any district.

Motion 270: Present proposed district realignment for group rep approval at Spring assembly. Documents will be put online and on display at assembly. The written document will also be put out.

Vote taken: 21 yay, 0 nay, 1 abstention. Passed.

[I went up and looked at the map with the new districts. I asked that we remain District 5. I explained briefly about having to get changes made at the bank if our district number changed. Our new website was also mentioned. Cheryl also went and talked to them about keeping us District 5. We will most likely remain District 5, and I was told the boundaries were pretty much the same.]

People in positions of Michigan AFG have changed. Web Coordinator is Jamie. Treasurer is Maggie S. Public Outreach Coordinator is Cheryl B. [others missed]

Detroit Metro report – Michigan AFG has always paid an equalized amount to send delegates to conference. Want to recommend to assembly to pay equalized or actual to groups that have delegates who can’t afford to go. Tabled until August 9.