2018-06-16 District Meeting Minutes

Approval Date: Pending
Submitted by: Bryan T
Attendance: 11 (Bryan T, Marilyn F, Vicki D, Julie S, Kelly S, Jan A, Alvin R, Annie J, Spencer T, Nancy B, Sunshine A)
Location: King of Kings, 2685 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor

Opened at 11:00 AM.
Opened with Serenity Prayer followed by Concepts of Service.

Policy Proposals

  • Amend definition of urgent messages for the email list to
    Urgent messages are cancellations, date changes, corrections, and funeral arrangements for which the next bimonthly email would not provide at least 1 week advance notice.
    The policy was adopted.
  • Form a committee to craft by-laws for District 5 to be presented and accepted or rejected at a future district meeting.
    The policy was rejected.
  • The reason for meeting changes shall be omitted from announcements in all forms to avoid advertising events that are not affiliated with Al-Anon.
    The policy was adopted.


Minutes from Past Meetings

Bryan T posted to website and sent out an email for approval from the attendees 2018-03-12 at 1:37 AM. The minutes were adopted without amendment 2018-03-26.

District Elections

No one volunteered for District Representative (DR) or Alternate DR.

Spring Assembly

Julie S will report on activities at Assembly.

AWSC Representative

Send Vicky D with Sunshine A as alternate to attend the next AWSC meeting on 2018-08-11 as a voting representative and report back to the District.

Motion carried.

Intimacy Open Speaker Meeting

There will be 3 speakers. A sign-up sheet for food donations to the hospitality table was passed around the table. Flyers were handed out for mass distribution at meetings.

KOMIAC Transportation Bus

Robin R requested in absentia a donation from the District for the bus that transports Alateens from across the state to KOMIAC. The request is in response to a message from the Area Alateen Coordinator, Marte. Robin suggested $200.

Donate $200 to Area Alateen Coordinator for KOMIAC bus.

Motion carried.

Expanding Childcare

Saturday Serenity Seekers does not require child care but would be willing to donate toward offering childcare at another meeting. Wednesday Just for Today is interested in offering childcare. Their venue expressed interest and acceptance of the idea. The meeting had offered childcare in the past. Sunshine A asked if the District could provide suggested guidelines for childcare at meetings. The discussion was tabled until the next District meeting in the interest of time.

Position Rotation

An announcement will be made for the openings of Information Phone Coordinator, Web Admin, and Open Speaker Series Coordinator at the end of the year.


District Treasurer - Jan A

Jan A prefers to send electronic confirmations of donations. For mail confirmations, you must provide a postage-paid self-addressed envelope. Please use the most recent donation form on the website and provide your email legibly if you would like to receive a confirmation. The District is in good financial standing with Available balance $1530.08, which does not include $500 prudent reserve. Donations have slowed, which is typical for summer.

AWSC Report - Jan A

The full report may be found under District 5 Business.

  • Reminder that address for donations to the state has changed
  • AWSC files can be accessed online
  • A new Service Manual is available
  • A condensed Service Manual was sent to groups
  • Continuing redistricting work
  • Individuals may stand for Area service positions in absentia
  • MIAFG has prouced a draft Policy Handbook
  • Substantial unity was set at 2/3

LDC Liaison - Diane B

Ordered 400 of the 2019 AFA magazines. Will order the new intimacy related piece of literature as soon as available.

AIS Liaison - Diane B

Reserved the web domain for 7 years

Information Phone - Marilyn F

Has volunteers for rest of year except November. Volunteers should have 1+ years of experience in Al-Anon. Marilyn F will deliver the phone to volunteers. Will step down at the end of the year.

Web Admin - Bryan T

Will be moving at an unspecified future date. Seeking replacement to begin a gradual transition process.

Open Speaker Series - Annie J

Kelly to speak in August. Cannot commit additional dates until fall. Considering possible date change because football Saturdays present difficulties. Would like to step down at the end of the year and is willing to help transition the next volunteer.


The next district meeting is Saturday 2018-08-18 11:00 AM at King of Kings, 2685 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor.
Closed with the Al-Anon Declaration: "Let it begin with me. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen aways be there, and let it begin with me."
Closed at 12:30 PM. Donation of $13 was provided to the venue.