2017-06-17 Spring Assembly Minutes

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Spring Assembly Minutes – June 17, 2017
St Louis Assembly Center
Meeting opened at 10:05 AM with the Serenity Prayer
Tradition #1 by Cathy, Concept #1 by Neddy, General Warranties by Rory
Host Committee is Districts 38 & 39
Roll call of Executive Board: Delegate Mike D, Alternate Delegate Ann M, Chair Matt D, Treasurer Jodi B, Secretary Steffi K. All board members were present.
Reports & Communication
Secretary – Steffi – Motion to accept minutes of previous Assembly made by Ross, Janet 2nd = Passed
Treasurer –Jodi presented her report and balance sheet
Financial Summary as of June 12, 2017:
General Checking $ 15,477
Prudent Reserve $ 6,585
MIAFG Convention $ 2,000
Total $ 24,062
Balance of Treasurer’s report was available in printed form.
PLEASE be sure your group is sending monies to the CURRENT PO Box which is:
Michigan AFG Inc, PO Box 13165, Lansing, MI 48901
Motion to accept/file the Treasurer’s report made by Ross, Beth 2nd = Passed
The LOVE BASKET today collected $194.00.
107 people signed in today.
45th MIAFG Convention (2017) – Sharon G / Kim – 307 in attendance.
Delegate – Mike D presented his report from 2017 WSC
13 new groups in Michigan!!! He brought love gifts from WSC to share with the GRs.
Delegate’s Assembly Report:
World Service Conference: “Our Members: Our Hope for the Future”
Welcome to your Area 27 (Michigan) Assembly and thank you for expressing your Gratitude for Al-Anon/Alateen by being here today. We have all come together today to exchange information to & from the World Service Conference. The Group Representative is a vital link of communication with the groups and the Conference; you are the most important person here today. You represent “Our Members: Our Hope for the Future.” You will receive a lot of information today to take back and share with your groups. Besides receiving information here today; the Group Representative may receive some information directly from the World Service Office (WSO) via Group E-News & AFG Announcements. You will also have opportunities today to let your Area Officers, Coordinators and Delegate know about your group’s wishes, questions and concerns; that we may communicate them to the World Service Conference
& Office. Please feel free to talk to us today or contact us at anytime by phone or e-mail. May we all “presume good will” in our discussions and decisions here today. We are all here to help each other to succeed.
Good news! We have several new Groups: New Hope Today AFG – Britton, New Hope AFG – Brooklyn, Carleton AFG – Carleton, C I P Continue Improve Practice AFG – Charlevoix, 12 Steps to Self AFG – Detroit, Por la Gracias de Dios GFA – Grand Rapids, Hart AFG- Hart, Keep Coming Back AFG – Mt Pleasant, Monday & Wednesday AFG – Otsego, Tustin AFG – Tustin, Serenity Arsenal AFG – Warren, West Branch AFG – West Branch, South Wyoming AFG – Wyoming
Besides Assembly your District meeting is the most important place for the GR to communicate with the World Service Conference. Your District Representative (DR) has vital information from the Area World Service Committee (AWSC). At AWSC, your DR gets information and gives information to your Delegate to convey to the World Service Conference throughout the year. At the March AWSC meeting we talked about the Area Executive Committee Conference Call, Coordinator calls, upcoming North Central Regional Delegates’ meeting, Conference and Policy Committee work that was done at the AWSC meeting.
The District meeting is also a vital part of having a healthy group meeting. Here groups share and work out issues about their meetings. A group that is part of an active District is usually a healthy group.
The World Service Conference (WSC) was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia from April 24 to April 28th. Thank you to everyone who sent cards; they were very helpful and greatly appreciated. It was very informative and interactive. At times enlightening and others intense. The days were long and filled with recovery/business.
New Structure: Interim Executive Director – Mary G. will be stepping down this fall (currently Trustees are reviewing resumes for a new director), Masha W. – Director of Programs, Kerri K. – New Associate Director International, Sergio M. – Alateen, Niketa B. – Director of Finance, New Technology Team – Jeff K. – Social Medea – Scott P. – Website & App Development, Tom C. – Associate Director Literature, Sue P. – New Associate Director Groups, Valarie – New Director Events, Suzanne M. – Associate Director Conference.
Alateen: 60 years “Happy Anniversary” send cards to WSO postal service or electronic. Registered 32 new meetings from Jan. 1st to April 24th. Inactivated 28 meeting in the same time.
Public Outreach: Social Medea platforms are reaching 3.3 million people creating 65,000 contacts to WSO in first three months 2017. 2017 PSA has been viewed by 52 million in first two months. 2017 “Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism”, February printing new record of 184,625. Taking orders for 2018; deadline July 5th. Order forms on home page of members website. New look for 2018 AFA.
Literature: Release of list of quotes from Conference Approved Literature (CAL) to be freely used for fund raisers in the fellowship find on the member’s web site. Intimacy book expected release date – 2018 International Convention in Baltimore. Grandparents pamphlet expected release date – 2018 World Service Conference. Daily Reader still in works, need more sharings on Legacies, no expected release date yet. Forum needs sharings on Legacies; order the E-Forum WSO receives 70% of the Cost back. Forum book underway; reviewing sharings to use. Courage to Change is 65 years old. Just for Today bookmark will not change at this time.
Group Services: Open vs Closed meeting notations – discussion to continue, lack of understanding. 43% of meeting on WSO website are inactive and will be deleted. AISs and Record Coordinators need your help verifying active meeting. Go on website and check out meetings near you.
Thought Force & Task Force Presented: Spirituality in Group money discussions, Spirituality in District money discussions and Spirituality in Area money discussions. Seems repetitive but turned out very different. Suggest combining the three and create literature out of it. Thought Force on Delegate involvement in Conference Agenda.
Seven Motions presented: All Carried: #1 Seating Motion – nonmembers voice/vote, #2 Annual Report, #3 Audited Financial Report, #4 Financial Committee Report/Budget, #5 Amend pages 131-165 of Service Manual, #6 Amend pages 94-99 of Service Manual, #7 Amend pages 85-86 & 123-124 of Service Manual.
Finance: Group Donations hit almost $2,100,00 for the first time in Al-Anon history; just about 300,000 more than was budgeted. Literature sale down over $360,000 over same time. Michigan Donations were down $103 under 2015. 2016 operating expenses decreased $34,000. 2016 Conference approved one time transfer of $243,000 from reserve to
operating fund. It was fully replaced and more added to it. Average Group Donation is $119.52 of those who donate – Al-Anon operating costs per group is $268.00 for all groups.
Other items on the discussed from the Agenda were: T.E.A.M events (Together Empowering Al-Anon Members), Meet the Board, International Al-Anon, WSO visit by the Conference members, 2018 Al-Anon/Alateen’s 7th International Convention in Baltimore (2 years, 10 days away), 2020 A.A. Convention in Detroit, 2023 Al-Anon/Alateen’s 8th International Convention; 13 Cities have submitted bids and are now under review.
I would like to thank all of you for your encouragement and support through all your cards that I received at Conference. You have no idea how grateful I was to read them in the evening after all the business was done each day. Also Thank You for putting your trust and faith in me at the elections last October. I am humbled by your confidence in me.
Growing Through Service
Mike D, MI AFG WSC Delegate
Ann, Alternate Delegate reported we have 9 new GRs today!
Broke for Lunch at 12:00 PM
Resumed meeting 1:30 PM
Matt asked for a motion to establish 2/3 approval for voting. Gary moved, Denise 2nd. Approved.
Voting Membership Count-down for voting #73 Voters = 49 Quorum
NEW BUSINESS (continued)
Proposed Updated Alateen Program Requirements and Guidelines
Proposed Policy presented by Erika
Review, Discussion, and Approval vote
Motion #259 made by Ross F 2nd Hugh W to accept as policy the suggested revisions and additions to the MIAFG Alateen Safety & Behavior Requirements & Alateen Process Requirements as presented. Y=26 N=41 A=1 motion failed.
New Voter Countdown after lengthy discussion = 68 Voters =46 Quorum
Motion #260 made by FloAnn Y, 2nd Bill C to accept the proposal to revise the Alateen Policy with the exception of changing the minimum age of 21 to 23, and change “must” have two AMIAS at a meeting to “should” have two AMIAS at a meeting, and change the certification/recertification appeal to go to Area Alateen Coordinator. Y= N= A= motion Votes added up as a miscount.
New Voter Countdown = 65 Voters = 44 Quorum. Y= 58 N= 5 A= 2 motion passed.
ACTION COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT — Cancelled in the interest of time. (meeting ran too late)
ALATEEN – Andy G, Marti W
Next Assembly Action Committee Spotlight: Public Outreach, Fellowship Communications
Meeting closed at 3:42 PM with the Al-Anon Declaration. “Let it Begin With Me, When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and let it begin with me.”
Respectfully submitted, Steffi K, Secretary
Provided to you by our Delegate, Mike Dr:
World Service Conference
(World’s Largest Group Conscience –
Delegates, Trustees and Executive
District Meetings
(DR – Voice of the Groups)
Area Assembly
(Area GR Meeting – Meets to give Group
information to the Delegate for Conference and
to receive information from the Delegate on
Conference Business)
Group Representative
(GR – Voice of the Members)
(Members’ Group Conscience)
Area World Service Committee
(Area DR Meeting-Meets between Assemblies
to prepare for Assembly and conduct business
that can’t wait for Assembly)
World Service Delegate
(Voice of the Area)
Links of Communication
From the Groups to the
World Service Conference