2017-10-14 Fall Assembly Minutes

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Fall Assembly/Election Minutes – October 14, 2017
St Louis Assembly Center
Meeting opened at 10:09 AM with the Serenity Prayer
Tradition #3 by Lori, Concept #3 by Sandy, General Warranties by Joyce
Host Committee is District 11
Roll call of Executive Board: Delegate Mike Drumheller, Alternate Delegate Ann Murphy, Chair Matt Dost, Treasurer Jodi Breithart (absent), Secretary Steffi Korens. All board members were present.
Reports & Communication
Secretary – Steffi – Motion to accept minutes of previous Assembly made by Janet O, Jamie H 2nd = Passed
Treasurer –in Jodi’s absence, Vic C presented her report and balance sheet
Secretary’s note: Group donations are down this year, please talk to your groups about donations to Area.
Financial Summary as of September 30, 2017:
Prudent Reserve/Svgs. $ 11,584.87
MIAFG Convention $ 2,000.11
Chase $ 8,165.34
Total $ 21,750.32
Balance of Treasurer’s report was available in printed form.
PLEASE be sure your group is sending monies to the CURRENT PO Box which is:
Michigan AFG Inc, PO Box 13165, Lansing, MI 48901
Motion to accept/file the Treasurer’s report made by Ross F, Bobbi R 2nd = Passed
The LOVE BASKET today collected $269
109 people signed in today.
10 New Group Reps are here today!
46th MIAFG Convention (2018) Report – Debbie / Sherri M
47th MIAFG Convention (2019) Report – Ann M — We need a District to come forward to host this.
Re-Districting Task Force Report – Renee F – Her team has a tentative map, please look at it and please give her your comments so the team can refine, it will then go to AWSC in November, and hopefully be voted on at Spring Assembly 2018
Matt asked for a motion to establish 2/3 approval for voting.
Verbal Motion to Establish Substantial Unanimity: So moved by Marte D moved, Ross F 2nd Voters: 75 Q = 50
2018 MIAFG Budget Proposal/Approval – Liz P
Motion #263 by Marte D, 2nd by Patty M Vote: Yes 73, No 1, Abstain 1. Motion passed
2018 WSC Equalized Expense Payment – Vic C
Motion #264 by Debbie S, 2nd by Sherree M Vote: Yes 74, No 0, Abstain 2. Motion passed.
In absentia Election Nomination Motion – Matt D He requested a motion to allow in absentia standing, if not the issue will go to the policy committee.
New Voter count (late arrivals) is 78, Q=51
Motion #265 by Julie S, 2nd by Gretchen C. Vote: Yes 34, No 38, Abstain 6. Motion failed.
Reports and Communication continued
Delegate Report – Mike D
Welcome to your Area 27 (Michigan) Fall Assembly and thank you for being here today. We have all come together today to exchange information to & from the World Service Conference. The Group Representative is a vital link of communication with the groups and the Conference; you are the most important person here today. You represent “Our Members: Our Hope for the Future.” You will receive a lot of information today to take back and share with your groups. Besides receiving information here today; the Group Representative may receive some information directly from the World Service Office (WSO) via Group E-News & AFG “In the Loop”. You will also have opportunities today to let your Area Officers, Coordinators and Delegate know about your group’s wishes, questions and concerns; that we may communicate them to the World Service Conference & Office. Please feel free to talk to us today or contact us at anytime by phone or e-mail. May we all “presume good will” in our discussions and decisions here today. We are all here to help each other to succeed.
Good news! We have several new Groups: Alateen Early Birds – Rockford, Irish Hills Alateen- Brooklyn, Alateen – Ludington, Jenison Alateen – Jenison, Kingsley Alateen – Kingsley, Easy Does It AFG– Grand Rapids, Survival to Recovery II AFG – Flint
Besides Assembly your District meeting is the most important place for the GR to communicate with the World Service Conference. Your District Representative (DR) has vital information from the Area World Service Committee (AWSC). At AWSC, your DR gets information and gives information to your Delegate to convey to the World Service Conference throughout the year. At the August AWSC meeting we talked about feature convention sites, Alateen Behavior and Safety Requirements, and the proposed budget for 2018. We heard from your Coordinators, AIS liaisons and District happenings. Get with your DR for more info. If you don’t have a DR; Assembly is a good place to get your Groups Representatives together and elect one.
The District meeting is also a vital part of having a healthy group meeting. Here groups share and work out issues about their meetings. A group that is part of an active District is usually a healthy group.
News from the World Service Office (the World’s largest AIS); we have a new Executive Director, Vali F. from Arizona. Also, the Quarterly Chair of the Board of Trustees letter came out in August with info from various committees; finance, policy … Check it out at www.al-anon.org/members or you can get the information from your District Representative.
As of 10/14/17 (Fall Assembly) there are 8 months, 3 weeks and 1 day till an unforgettable event – The International Al-Anon/Alateen Convention in Baltimore Maryland. Saving your Change? Get with your Sponsors, Sponsies, Trusted Friends or others to share travel and housing costs. Baltimore is a drivable distance. Registration is now open and all the information is available at www.al-anoninternationalconvention.org. Do not try to reserve a hotel before registering with WSO first!
This is the last Assembly for Panel 55; I would like to thank all your Trusted Servants who, for the past three years, have given their time and energy to Al-Anon & Alateen: Group Officers, GRs, AIS Officers, AIS Liaisons, District Officers, DRs, Area Coordinators, Area Officers and Past Delegates. These members are dedicated to giving back what was given to them and have a desire to insure the continued growth of Al-Anon & Alateen. “Participation is the key to Harmony.” Thank you for all you do!!
We are electing new Officers for Michigan AFG here at Fall Assembly. What will your next steps look like in Recovery – “I had been the most fearful person; afraid of everything … afraid of animals, the dark, thunderstorms, and people. As I grew older, people were my greatest fear. Even approaching the program, I still was fearful, I’d go to A.A. meetings but still really was afraid of meeting people. I was very shy; I was the greatest introvert on record.” Page 20
Many Voices One Journey “Ann B. said she was “the greatest introvert on record,” and yet she went on to be a Chairman of the Board for Al-Anon. She believed that Al-Anon service played a very important role in her recovery.” Page 21 Many Voices One Journey
What part will Al-Anon service play in my own recovery? – Officer, Coordinator, DR, GR….
I thank all of you for your encouragement and support. I can never express how grateful I am. Also Thank You for putting your trust and faith in me three years ago. I have been humbled by your confidence in me.
Growing Through Service, Mike Drumheller, MI AFG WSC Delegate
Alateen 60th Anniversary Address – Marti W and Alateens Summer and Kiba
Coordinator Job Fair – Ann M
Broke for Lunch at 11:56 AM
Resumed meeting 1:15 PM
ELECTIONS for Panel 58 – Guidelines, voting member count
Voting Membership Count-down for voting #81 Voters = 54 Quorum
Order of voting: Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer
DELEGATE Standing: Vic C, Ann M — Three rounds of voting, Ann Murphy is our next Delegate
Down to 80 voters = Q54
ALTERNATE DELEGATE Standing: Kristine G, Kristine Gilbey is our next Alternate Delegate
Down to 79 voters = Q 53
CHAIRPERSON Standing: Mike D, Mike Drumheller is our next Chairperson
SECRETARY Standing: FloAnn Y, FloAnn Yoerg is our next Secretary
TREASURER Standing: Maggie S, Maggie is our next Treasurer
Chosen Agenda Item: “Should the Action Committee Spotlight Focus be Changed from Action items to Educational/Information Topics” Presented by Mike D.
Meeting closed at 2:48 PM with the Al-Anon Declaration. “Let it Begin With Me, When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and let it begin with me.”
Respectfully submitted, Steffi Korens, Secretary