2017-03-11 AWSC Minutes

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AWSC —Minutes of March 11, 2017, St Louis, MI
Start Time: 10:02AM
Matt opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer
Hosted by District 20
Denise read Tradition 1, Melanie read Concept 1, Erika read the General Warranties
Roll Call: State Delegate-Mike D, Alternate Delegate-Ann M, Chairman-Matt D, Treasurer-Jodi B, Secretary-Steffi K.
Welcome to our new DRs today!
Reports and Communication
BUSINESS SERVICES/FINANCE: Secretary, Treasurer, and Technical Coordinator
SECRETARY- Roll call of Board Members was done by Steffi.
MOTION TO APPROVE MINUTES from November 2016 made by Ross Second by Jamie. Minutes approved by consensus.
TREASURER – Jodi B reported the following financial information:
Cash Balances as of December 31, 2016:
General Checking $15,657
Prudent Reserve $ 6,585
MIAFG Convention $ 4,085
Total Cash Balance: $26,327
There was a discussion on mileage reimbursement we currently pay which is $0.60. She showed what mileage would be if paid fully, and the amount (on average) that trusted servants decline, to show the actual average rate we pay out is $0.50/mile.
MOTION TO ACCEPT/FILE THE TREASURER’S REPORT made by Ross Second by Sherry. Approved by consensus.
WEBSITE – Jamie H – Please tell your groups that the correct PO box MUST BE USED. The previous Treasurer’s PO Box has now expired.
TECHNICAL – Kristine G – Current purchase is Treasurer’s computer
MEMBERSHIP OUTREACH – Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chair
Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to be here today. You are the voice of your Groups here today and the most important person here.
The World Service Office is gearing up for the World Service Conference. Trustee calls, AFC Connects Conference communiques, WSO Staff and Conference Leadership Team asking for input; it’s all building up and coming together.
The quarterly COB (Chairman of the Board of Trustees) letter is out. I am impressed with a lot of the things that are being done. They are acting to save money and to be more efficient with membership needs. District Reps. can go to their AFG Connects account and read it there. The membership can go to the Members AFG website and read it also.
I had my Trustee call just last Saturday (3/4/17); it seems that Delegates across the country are using them less and less. I find this disturbing! The Trustees (elected WSO volunteers) are our best link to the Conference between Conferences. Scheduled Trustee calls may become a thing of the past if they are not used more.
The literature staff is asking for help at the Conference about a couple of things but primarily the “Prayer for Today” and how it was presented to the membership; that we need to be prepared because of the 2 minutes at the mic Conference Rule. I have received many responses about the prayer but few responses on the open or closed meetings questionnaire.
I turned in my “Chosen Agenda Item” to the Conference Leadership Team; “What can we do to Hear the Silent Voices of the Membership?” It will not be used this year because the background materials with it, used the “Prayer for Today” as an example and that is already on the agenda.
Conference will be held from April 23rd through April 29th, at the Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel, 5700 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2236. As you have for the last two Conferences; I would greatly appreciate your support while at Conference. Please send cards; it means a lot! The theme is “Our Members: Our Hope for the Future”. I have not seen any burning bushes about what to take as LOVE gifts. I could use your help.
“Spirituality in Area Money Discussions” Task Force that I have been Chairing for the WSC has been accepted by the Executive Committee and is ready for presentation.
Members can now go to the WSO Members’ web site and subscribe to AFG Announcements. This is news about upcoming events like the Group E-News.
Twice a year WSO requests an update of the Area World Service Members. I have sent in four updates last year. New DRs please get me your info so I may update your info to WSO. Then you can be hooked up to AFG Connect and communicate with all the other DRs across the country.
Membership Outreach on the Road Events has been going on for a couple of panels now and continues to serve the Members, Groups, District and AISs of MI AFG.
Your Officers and Coordinators are here to help you and your Groups succeed. We are willing and eager to come to your events when we are invited to help in any means possible; service positions/structure, Traditions, Concepts, anonymity, autonomy, affiliations, etc.… Renee, Matt and I were invited to District 18 to help them get their District active again. Karen and all the other members were very enthusiastic about getting the “Links of Service” active again.
We as members need to reach out to those groups who are not connected with a GR or DR and ask what we can do to help them be part of the whole.
I have been in communications with your Officers and many of your Coordinators. The Team you have serving you is learning and growing very well; they are doing a great job for Michigan AFG!!
Even though we live “One Day at a Time” we need to plan for the future. October is not that far away (Fall Assembly Elections). I hope everyone is thinking about what service roll they are planning on for Panel 58. Now is the time to find out about your next rotation in service. You will not be alone, we are here to mentor and help you in your new journey. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel or be out in the cold all alone. Cultivate an existing or new relationship; expand your support group. “We learn from those who have gone before us!”
Thank you for this opportunity service.
Learning and Growing Through Service
Mike Drumheller, MI AFG WSC Delegate
He also noted:
1. Donations for 2016 were over $1Million for the first time in history!! Due to increased donations and cutting the operating expenses by almost $200,000
2. 2018 International convention in Maryland. If you Register before Dec 31 $130, after May 31 $195
Send letters to Mike at WSC no earlier than 1 week before April 23, 2017 and address it “HOLD FOR MIKE DRUMHELLER” and USE HIS HOME ADDRESS as the return address: 321 Elm St Dimondale, MI 48821
Losing electrical power this past week shows us that we’re powerless. : )
New DRs: Vicki-24, Jan-38, Becky & Karen -18, Mike – 33
Please be at August AWSC to vote on 2019 Convention location.
SPRING ASSEMBLY, Coordinators will be hosting games. Please talk to Flint area people for help in creating games.
CHAIR – Matt D
In the past several weeks Matt has been in contact with groups that are “in trouble” …very passionate members, but the groups aren’t running as they should. Each of these meetings has NO DR !!! District structure is very important. DRs were asked to please consider service positions for the October Election Assembly. Encourage your GRs to become DRs and to attend Assemblies as GRs.
Old Business
45th MIAFG Convention 2017 — “Journey to the Zoo, Celebrate You”. Matt reported for Sharon G/Kim M (Matt’s wife stepped up to the plate to host this convention and she is doing a great job!)
46th Michigan Convention 2018 – at Shanty Creek. Who will host?? Matt reported: WE NEED A HOST COMMITTEE!!
NOTE FROM MATT: On the tables today: there is a draft flyer from District 11 who are hosting the Fall Assembly
TASK FORCE – Re-Districting: Renee F: Will host a conference call with everyone who wants to volunteer to be on the committee; it would be good to get input from all over the state. She wants to have something done by Fall Assembly.
TASK FORCE – Al-Anon Day: Michelle: She’d like some guidance—i.e. Does she have a budget, where, and when? She wants a committee from outside of Grand Rapids. Used a Power Point about Responsibility as the workshop.
THOUGHT FORCE – Social Media: Jamie – needs recommendations by the end of Panel 55
TASK FORCE – AWSC Insurance: Mike D. – Need someone to chair this task force, using materials found by Thought Force. Move forward and research the cost and availability of the insurance that was recommended by the Thought Force. We need insurance for such things as: someone in another Area tripped and got hurt at an area meeting, had no insurance, sued the Area to pay the medical bills. Mainly we need Liability Insurance, and we have some assets, too. Our elected officers are legally responsible for anything that happens at Area functions. (!!!) Mike Dongvillo (New DR – 33) volunteered to chair this committee.
POLICY COMMITTEE – Matt D., Chairperson Policy Committee. The committee met in Lansing in January. The agenda from that meeting is on each table today.
This Panel 55 Policy Committee update provides ongoing status for Area policy discussion. The committee met at the Alano East Club in Lansing, MI on January 7, 2017, for a 3-hour work session. Concerns and questions brought forward by members were reviewed by the committee. The following is a bullet point report of the subjects covered and the outcomes of the discussions.
• State Convention Financial Responsibility/Authority as it pertains to Speaker Travel expenses: The funding guidance is well described in the State Convention Guidelines. The travel expenses are paid from MI AFG funds and not from the seed money therefore the officers of MI AFG are responsible for the disbursement of those funds. MI AFG gives the host committee the authority to spend those funds within the stated guidelines. No changes will be made to the existing guidelines.
• Mandatory Alateen Sponsor Training and Certification Workshops: Workshops would begin in 2019. Andy G., Area Alateen Coordinator will develop the framework and it will be included in the overall Alateen policy review/proposed amendments. RECOMMEND APPROVAL.
• Alateen Sponsor Age Requirement: Change from 21 years of age to 23 years of age. Those sponsors under the age of 23 already serving would be grandfathered under the new policy. The new age requirement would become
effective upon approval of the Assembly. To be presented with the overall Alateen policy review/proposed amendments. RECOMMEND APPROVAL.
• Removal Process for Alateen Sponsors: Will be developed by the Ad Hoc Committee and included in the proposed Alateen Policy amendments.
• Grievance Procedure: This would be for general Al-Anon grievances. Those stemming from the Alateen program would be addressed by the procedures described in the updated Alateen Policy. Those grievances involving the recommended removal of a MI AFG Officer or Coordinator already have a policy described in the Michigan AFG, INC. Al-Anon and Alateen Handbook 2015-2017. Matt D. will develop the proposal.
• Information Phone Lines: No policy needs to be developed. It will be announced at the next AWSC meeting that District/AIS Information Lines (aka Al-Anon Hotlines) may be listed in the Serenity Sentinel and in District/AIS publications under the following guidelines: That the number listed is used for ONLY Al-Anon related information, that there be no mention of AA upon the answering of the call or in the recorded message (if appropriate), and if a private number is used that it belongs to an Al-Anon member.
• An Ad Hoc Committee for the review and development of recommended changes to the current Alateen Policy and Alateen Process Policy and Guidelines will be formed and chaired by Erika C. The recommended changes will be presented at the AWSC meeting March 11, 2017.
A big THANK YOU to the Panel 55 Policy Committee members and guests who participated at this meeting: Mike D., Ann M., Steffi K., Ross F., Maggie S., Erika C., Matt D., Andy G., and Marti W.
New Business Voting Member Count
Grievance Procedure Proposal – Matt D It was brought to the Policy Committee that a procedure should be developed for individuals who are unhappy with a group/district/area. We already have guidelines. New Alateen policy procedure would be for Alateen issues. Discussion later. Use the program tools! –slogans and spiritual principles and traditions and resolve the problem directly with the person you are troubled with. We shouldn’t need a policy because we should work our programs.
Matt: Proposed flyer for Fall Assembly. Motion to approve made by Sherry M Marte D 2nd. Passed by consensus.
Alateen Policy Amendments – Erika, plus her committee of Amy, Marti, & Denise worked on this policy proposal.
Erika presented info from the committee. See pg. 201 of your service manual for what she quoted.
“why revise” see WSO from 2013 to see if we are compliant with legal requirements. (ours is 12 years old, needs to be updated) 2003 policy in our Service Manual – policy from Board of Trustees is legal and cannot be changed. We MUST comply. See also guidelines in our handbook.
11:50 LUNCH
Alateen Policy Amendments continued for discussion (Jodi B will take notes on the entire discussion making additions and cross-outs from the discussion and will return these changes on the thumb drive provided by Erika)
Kay W asked a question re: adhering to the WSO Policy instead of going through all of this. Answered by Erika: WSO doesn’t have policy, just guidelines and the Areas must have requirements that meet the minimum requirements of WSO. We are currently below the required level so we need to continue with this project. All motions are in the back of the motions of policy on line.
Voting Member Count = 26 voting members, Q=18
Motion #258 made by Marte D, Liz P seconded. Motion to recommend sending the MIAFG Alateen Safety and Behavior Requirement to Spring Assembly as amended. Passed unanimously.
Reports and Communication cont’d
Heather-Oakland Cty, Kay W-Thumb Area,
DISTRICT HAPPENINGS – District Representatives reports…
Michelle/Erika D-20, Cheryl D-5, Debbie D-39 (Public Outreach program)
AAPP-Marti – Submit recertification forms if you haven’t already. Deadline was March 1st. Anyone new? Have them contact Marti by June 1st.
FELLOWSHIP COMMUNICATION: Literature, Sentinel – Ross F, Maggie S
Sentinel-Maggie – next deadline is March 15th. Newsletter is also on our website (minus the TS list)—please remove and destroy these pages when you’re recycling.
Literature-Ross – wants to unify/coordinate what gets brought to Assemblies and Conventions to expose more people to more of the CAL.
Website-Jamie – there is a page on the website for sharing information…..please send your district flyers to the web!!
Public Outreach-Beth – working with all districts. She can give us access to new posters from Maine, approved by WSO. She’ll give you the link to get the posters.
Archives-Renee filled in for Hugh, he’s got the archives set up at March Round-Up. He will work to train someone to do the Archives for the next panel.
Area Records-Renee – Has three meetings statewide that are reported as non-meetings. Everyone MUST update their meeting info.
AWSC MEMBER CONCERNS AND SOLUTIONS – “Looking for suggestions from other districts”
Nobody stood up for this.
CAI: “When a Member, Group, District, AIS or Area chooses to ignore the Traditions or Service Manual what can we do about it?”
Mike D opened the podium for discussion on this topic.
Ann M, Kay W, Michelle, Jodi B
Matt noted that Alateen is 60 years old.
Meeting closed at 3:20 PM with the Al-Anon Declaration, followed by the Serenity Prayer.
Respectfully Submitted, Steffi Korens, Secretary, Panel 55